Celebrity Insurance: What Health Insurance Do Celebrities Have In 2022
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Celebrity Insurance: What health insurance do celebrities have in 2022

Celebrities have had access to a variety of health insurance plans in recent years, but because of their fame, expensive lifestyles, and personal possessions, the majority of them have chosen to be selective about the insurance they choose.

But have you ever wondered if famous people require health insurance and, if so, how much do they actually pay for celebrity insurance policies?

Well without further introduction, in this article we’ll be discussing what health insurance do celebrities have and also how they get their insurance. But before then, let’s quickly know what is meant by celebrity health insurance.

What is Health insurance for Celebrity

Celebrity health Insurance: What health insurance do celebrities have
Celebrities health insurance: what health insurance do celebrities have Pexels.com

Health insurance is a type of insurance that covers medical and dental expenses. Health insurance pays for some or all of the costs of routine care, emergency care, and chronic illness treatment. 

For some reasons most celebrities get their insurance through their respective unions but they might not meet the requirements to apply because they don’t have a steady financial income.

As a result, some of them choose to insure only a part of their body. I’ll elaborate on this further in the context, so please continue reading.

Types of celebrity health insurance

The two most common types of insurance that celebrities have is categorized into two phases; the public Insurance and the Private insurance.

The public Insurance can further be subcategorized into other segments such as Medicare, Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), CHAMPVA or VA coverage, State-specific plans and Indian Health Service (IHS) and more.

Some public health insurance that any celebrity has, like Medicare, is provided by the government.

Hence, private health insurance includes plans you get through an employer or the marketplace.

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In regards to this, there is always an insurance union that has been set aside for famous people and that’s called the celebrity insurance union such as the SAG-AFTRA health. More discussion on this as we continue to advance the topic.

What health insurance do celebrities have

What kind of insurance do celebrities have? Celebrities get their insurance policy through the SAG-AFTRA Union and this is the type of health insurance that celebrities and the 1% have. The SAG-AFTRA Health Plan provides health care benefits to eligible  celebrities or participants and their dependents.

Although they’ll have to meet up with some requirements before they could be accepted into the Program.

In relation to this, celebrities in Hollywood and other countries do not get enough hours or steady work to meet the income requirements to apply.

Actress Lynda Berg, for instance, did not earn enough money in 2011 to be eligible for health insurance through her union. Additionally, as a breast cancer survivor with a prior condition, she struggled to locate a coverage on her own that she could pay.

She remembers how frustrating and occasionally expensive it was not to have a health plan. She injured her hand and elbow after falling a few years ago, and the cost of her medical care was $4,000 in total.

So how do famous people who couldn’t meet up with the union requirements get to insure themselves as celebrities? 

There are other better alternatives that they could take in order to keep their health insured while going on with their day-to-day activities and that’s exactly what we’ll be discussing below.

How do celebrities get health insurance – The Alternative ways

Celebrities who could not meet the requirements for gaining admission to the SAG-AFTRA health insurance policy use the following alternative:

  • They Insured a specific part of their body
  • Get a private insurance company’s full package
  • They use government insurance companies such as Medicare.

What really got people thinking is why would celebrities insure their body parts, why couldn’t they just get a good insurance company and pay a good price for their coverage. 

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I’ll be giving more explanation to this as we advance more into the topic, but let’s quickly see what celebrity insurance covers.

What Does Celebrity health Insurance Cover

Celebrity health insurance offers eligible Participants and their qualified Dependents a comprehensive range of health benefits. But they’ll have to fulfil the Plan’s eligibility conditions and pay the necessary premiums in order to be covered.

However, as most insurance providers are distinct from one another, their coverage may vary. The following are only a few of the many things that celebrity health insurance covers.

  • Celebrity health insurance also offers coverage for medical and surgical treatment as well as mental health and substance abuse treatment. 
  • It covers therapy benefits, subject to specific limitations. 
  • It covers temporomandibular joint syndrome (TMJ) treatment.
  • Dental expenses in connection with orthodontia are not included.
  • Offer coverage for a specific part of the body

Why do celebrities Insure their body parts

Do celebrities have health insurance? Yes, a minority of them tend to insure their body parts because they think that special part is an asset to them and would secure their investment against unforeseen financial losses. 

Body part insurance is designed to replace lost wages in the event that a body part is hurt, lost, becomes scarred, disabled, or is destroyed.

For instance, in 1994, popular vocalist Tina Tuna insured her legs for approximately $3 million USD in addition to her powerful vocals, vivacious dancing, and recognizable hairstyle.

One of Tina Turner’s distinguishing physical traits are her legs. The star’s pins were insured for $3.2 million, and she even wrote a song about them in 1994. She frequently flaunted them on stage while wearing sparkly mini dresses.

Other popular celebrity who insured their body parts includes;

  • Bette Davis’ waist – $543,000 (£390,000)
  • Rihanna’s legs – $1 million (£509,000) 
  • Holly Madison’s breasts – $1 million (£614,000) 
  • Miley Cyrus’s tongue – $1 million (£655,000) 
  • Troy Polamalu’s hair – $1 million (£670,000) 
  • Keith Richards’ hands – $1.6 million (£1.1m)

This list is not limited to the ones mentioned above, there are more to explore but let’s get focused on how much do celebrities pay for health insurance policies.

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How much do celebrities pay for health insurance?

Celebrities shell out astronomical sums of money only to obtain health insurance, whether it is for the entirety of their health or just a certain body part. However, even celebrities who have a full package of insurance would still like to insure a certain body organ, therefore their costs can vary.

Celebrities can significantly reduce their insurance costs by purchasing health insurance plans. Additionally, these policies will frequently assist individuals in maintaining their financial and medical obligations.

Below is segmented prices that celebrities and famous people pay for health insurance policies;

  • Celebrities who are insured by their Unions pay $375 only, $531 plus one dependent and $747 plus two or more dependents.
  • Depending on the value, the cost for celebrities to insure their body parts might range from $500,000  to $100 million.
  • The average monthly cost of health insurance in the country in 2021 is $456 for an individual and $1,152 for a family. However, prices for the numerous celebrity health plans differ.

Why do celebrities get insurance policies

Do celebrities need insurance? Yes they need to insure themselves because for some particular occasions like the VMAs, Oscars, or Grammy Awards, celebrities occasionally insured a body part. 

When a celebrity is engaged in a risky activity, like a picture session that involves rock climbing and a crowd aiming to meet them, it is sometimes advised that they obtain protection.

Final Thought to what health insurance do celebrities have

The SAG-AFTRA Union provides insurance for celebrities, and this is the kind of health insurance that the 1% and celebrities have. Benefits for medical care are provided by the SAG-AFTRA Health Plan to participants and qualified celebrities and their family.

However, individuals must fulfil a few conditions in order to be accepted into the program.

This is all I could render about celebrity health insurance. Do you have any additional information you would like to add? Don’t hesitate to drop them in the comments section below.


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