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[8 Advance Ways] How To Support A Friend’s Small Business For Free 2022

by Favour James
how to support a friend's small business for free without spending money

One of the best ways to support a friend’s small business is to shop there often, but then there are other ways to do this for free without buying. Are you seeking on how you could support your friend’s small business without spending money to buy anything?

If Yes, then this blog post would give you a greater insight of how to support a friend’s small business for free in 2022 and beyond.

We all know that granting a friend free money to start a small business is not the only way we could support them, there are a thousand and one way of which your friends local businesses can be helped, ranging from essential services, social benefits and services, community support, free service, financial advice, feeding them with business growth strategy quotes, providing them with support small business hashtags and lots more.

What’s more, why are small businesses important to a community?

Without a doubt local or small businesses contribute to the economy of the community and to the nation at large. They are the symbol for significant development of a community and they also in turn create job opportunities as well.

In addition, they tend to boost the local economies by keeping money close to home and supporting neighbourhoods by creating meaningful work opportunities with good positions. Even though they don’t look established, small scale businesses contribute to the economy.

When You Should Support A Small Business [Small Business Saturday 2022]

Support small business Saturday is an annual day that is set aside to support all small scale businesses and what they contribute to the community, in 2022 November 26 is an official day to support all small businesses. 

But you don’t have to wait till then before you help your friend to improve his/her sales. The best time to help small businesses is now and everyday you have the opportunity. When you support small businesses you help them grow and become helpful to the community.

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So here is how to support small scale businesses without buying anything from them in 2022.

[Advance Strategies] How To Support A Friend’s Small Business For Free

I have been able to categorise all known  ways to help a business into 6 advanced and simple ways. This guide would be useful in the long run and your friend would be glad to have you. Here are 6 ways to support your friend’s small business for free without buying or spending a dime.

1. Essential and Free Services

You could help a small business through essential and free service by giving them a help hand. For instance, a friend of yours could be into a restaurant business, you  can create time to help them in the kitchen, on dishes, attend to customers and a lot more. 

By doing this, you’ll lift some burden off them and give them the benefit of thinking straight again. 

I had a friend who was building a small scale eatery business. She was a very good cook and in a short time attracted lots of customers outside her capacity. She was just starting out, I had to take out time to support her until she could get her first employee.

Support your friend’s business by giving them essential and free services like arranging the store, sending and receiving orders, strategizing & packaging goods and a lot more other free services.

2. Social Benefits And Services

We cannot overemphasise the uses and benefits of social media on small and large scale businesses. Social media has helped to grow small businesses into bigger ones within a given period. 

Businesses such as Sienna sauce, Rapid Rope, Browndages and lots more have experienced a drastic growth with social media outreach, either through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other.

How to help a small scale businesses on social media

how to support a friend's small business for free without spending money
support your friend’s small business through social media

i. Follow and like them on all social media’s

Following their social handles is one of the best ways to support your friend’s business. This procedure would not cost you a dime as it is a free pro es that can boost the outcome of your friends business.

Check for either their Facebook page, Instagram handle, Twitter page, Pinterest and many others, click on the like and follow button to help them get going. 

Everyone know’s real friends support your business, the best way to show them help without having to spend your money is to like and follow all socials.

When you support a small business by following them, you’ll not only help them connect with you, but also to a wide range of interested customers through your profile.

ii. Like,Share and comment on their Posts

Businesses which get many likes, comments and Shares on their post know what their customers need. 

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You’ll help your friend’s small business grow when you interact with their page’s contents. Apart from that, the social media algorithm will suggest your friends page to others you are following, hence by doing so, they’ll gain new followers which would later turn into buying customers.

iii. Tag and mention your friends small business on your social media post

Interacting on your friends’ social media and also tagging them on your own post is one of the most effective and free ways to support your friend’s small business without spending money.

Each time you post about business or each time you want to help a small business, tagging them would create a huge brand awareness and also increase their daily customers.

iv. Post their Brand Photos and logos

According to studies, 60% of people like to buy real products they have seen other people use. This is because they got to see their photos of brand logos everywhere with testimonies.

If you’re looking for free ways to support small businesses, then posting their photos on your Facebook or Instagram page would help them a lot.

3. Community Support

You can tell the community about your friend’s business by creating an awareness when you have the opportunity. For example, if your friends sell Shoes, you can tell your other friends in the community about the business and by doing this you are helping the business and also creating brand awareness.

Someone once told me that real friends support your business. This fact is true, real friends would ask the community to please support my friend’s business.   

4. Financial Advice

One of the most effective ways to support your friend’s business for free without buying is to give them financial advice. Managing a business can be tough for small business owners and as a friend it is your responsibility to help them out.

If one does not have enough experience in business finances, your friend might be slipping into a bad financial habit and that could in turn harm his/her business.

How to support a friend’s small business with financial advice: Think and teach them about the most effective skill you implement on your own business to bring  your product or provide your service.

Teach them how to save, Invest in growth, how not to be afraid of taking loans, how to have a good billing strategy, Spread out tax payments, Set up good financial habits and many more.

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5. Feeding Them With Business Growth and Strategy quotes

Inspiration is said to be the fuel of a business and small businesses are focused on growth. To help your friend achieve this growth you can inspire them by sending them business and strategy quotes.

According to James Cash Penney, founder, JCPenney “Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.” 

These quotes are meant to inspire, give them to your friends.

6. Providing Them With Support Small Business Hashtags

You can support a friend’s business for free by providing business hashtags for their Social media post. Hashtags help social media users to categorize their content and also make your post go viral and discoverable.

Your friend could be in the fashion industry m you can provide her Instagram hashtags like #fashion, #love, #style, #styleinspo, #ootd, #outfitoftheday, #whatiwore, #shoppingaddict and many more to boost their audience.

7. Write a Product Review and Feedback

If you get to know about a setback or progress in their product, it is better to leave a review so they can know where and how to improve and gain more sales.

Customers trust and rely on product reviews provided by former buyers when making purchases.

By providing feedback, you are assisting your friend’s small company in identifying their strengths and areas for improvement in order to improve their products.

Furthermore, by leaving a review, you are assisting potential and current consumers in getting a true picture of what they are purchasing.

8. Send a complimentary message

When you support a friend’s small business by sending them complimentary messages, you’ll be making them feel happy to keep pushing during difficult times.

Furthermore, you will also assist them in recognizing the primary reason for their early morning awakenings and what they may do to improve their situation.

[Bottom Line] Why Is Supporting Small Business Important

Small businesses are important to a community and they also contribute to the economy. Supporting local businesses helps to bring the market close to you, they care and also donate money to non-profit organisations.

According to https://blog.mass.gov, “Supporting local businesses is good for the environment because they often have a smaller carbon footprint than larger companies.”

The main importance of supporting a friend’s small business is for growth. Small businesses are hard to bring up and supporting them would make their dreams come true. The above mentioned are the best ways to support a friend’s small business for free without spending money in 2022.

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