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Affiliate marketing 2022: Advance Guide To Affiliate Marketing for Beginners In Nigeria

Starting Affiliate Marketing for Beginners in Nigeria

Today in this article we’ll be discussing an advanced guide to affiliate marketing for beginners In Nigeria in 2022 and also show you how to start Affiliate Marketing as a beginner in Nigeria which would make you earn a larger sum of money when you follow each procedure.

This tutorial would be divided into segments and this is the first segment. In this part we’ll be discussing some affiliate marketing terms you actually need to know and pure examples and related diagrams would be applied too.

Affiliate Marketing has helped many people become notable in the society today and if not for the sake of becoming famous, you can also learn affiliate marketing to add to your side hustle or make it a main one.

Affiliate marketers earn a huge sine of money when promoting other people’s products. It is a win-win strategy, that is, you gain and the owner of the product also gains,no one is losing. 

So I have heard a lot of people asking how one could start affiliate marketing in Nigeria without a blog or website. Honestly, you can start Affiliate Marketing without a blog because there are other marketing strategies that you’ll learn which would improve your sales and of which one of them is Facebook ads.


Have you heard of that before? 

Yes, you can get sales through creating ads i.e advertising so you can get people to buy your product and you can earn profit.

Apart from that, some people still doubt if affiliate marketing is still profitable in Nigeria. The truth is that people would never stop buying things and affiliate marketing can never die and yes affiliate marketing is still profitable in Nigeria and people are cashing out daily and you too can do it.

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Is Affiliate Marketing a Scam in Nigeria

Affiliate Marketing is a legit business and would never be a scam. It is all about telling someone about a friends product and enabling that person buy the product and in return, your friend gives you a little money out of the sale.

So is that a scam?.. absolutely No.

Herw is how affiliate marketing works. The diagram below shows it all.

Affiliate marketing 2022: Advance Guide To Affiliate Marketing for Beginners In Nigeria
Here’s how Affiliate Marketing works

How Much Does It Cost To Start Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

Starting affiliate marketing for Beginners In Nigeria doesn’t cost much as you can give this a huge try with as low as N5,000 – N10,000. You can start affiliate marketing in Nigeria and make it a huge success if you really want to do so.

So quickly let’s take a real definition of what affiliate marketing is in Nigeria for 2022 and how you can become one even as a beginner.

What is Affiliate marketing for beginners In Nigeria?

Affiliate marketing 2022: Advance Guide To Affiliate Marketing for Beginners In Nigeria
Meaning of Affiliate Marketing for beginners In Nigeria

Affiliate marketing which is also known as performance marketing,is a digital marketing practice where an “affiliate” which most times is normally the owner of a website, sends traffic to another website, “which in this case are the advertiser” just to gain a reward. The reward is normally paid as a success fee when the traffic sent by the affiliate completes a purchase or fills in an enquiry form from the advertiser.

For example, an English teacher tells his student or recommends a textbook that they would be reading and that book can actually be bought on Jumia. 

The teacher, being part of Jumia’s affiliate program, sends the link from Jumia of where to get the book to each student and when each student clicks on the link from the teacher and purchases the book on Jumia. Jumia would track those sales and reward the teacher for the sales by paying him or her a percentage of the sales value.

This method of rewarding people for sales through affiliate programs has been extended around the world and has come to incorporate many different models such as paying for clicks, Lead, page views, downloads and many more.

Who is an Affiliate Marketer

An affiliate, sometimes known as a publisher or performance marketer, is a person or company that drives traffic to another person or specifically to a company for a reward. Formally, an Affiliate could be a person who is the owner of a website such as a blog or forum, but now, it could either be regarded as someone who develops and manages apps for your smartphone or tablet.

In other words, I could say you are an affiliate, because you are trying to sell other companies’ products so as to earn a commission.

Many affiliates work without owning their own traffic sources. With this they get to buy traffic from other sources. Why do they do so?

If an affiliate marketer (you) knows what the advertiser would pay for an item being sold,they would intend to maximise this opportunity by buying an advert on Facebook, Twitter, Google or other social media outlets just to drive traffic that can make purchases.

To maximise this opportunity, if the cost of buying that traffic is less than the amount that they get paid by the advertiser as a reward,then the affiliate marketer would make a huge profit. I’ll be teaching you all this in this guild for beginners.

Affiliates used to be predominantly small companies run by one person, but as affiliate marketing has grown over the years, so has the shape and nature of it. Many people can come in conjunction to promote a product.

There are large affiliate companies with hundreds of customers and there are even TV stations that will run advertisements on a performance basis to get commission on products sold. 

The Advertisers in Affiliate Marketing

An advertiser or sometimes called the merchant,can be any kind of business that wants to gain more customers and are willing to pay affiliates on a reward basis and these could be products sold online. Globally in 2022, there are billions of companies using affiliate marketing strategies to promote themselves around the world.

Initially, advertisers paid only when you make a sale, but as affiliate marketing grew,the need to speak to customers on the phone grew and ;it of companies started paying for customers who fill in forms (Lead Generation) or even call on a phone (cost per call). As potential customers continue to use their smartphone to access the internet more and more, cost per call campaigns have become more popular.

Who are Affiliate Network

Affiliate networks enable 4he tracking software to advertiser and affiliates to enable them to track and report the transactions that an affiliate gets paid for. Affiliate networks also provide one point of payment for advertisers and use that money to pay hundreds of thousands of affiliates.

There are many advantages for advertisers to use an affiliate network. Firstly,the advertiser does not need to create their own software solution because they can use one that is provided by the network. 

Secondly, paying lots of individual affiliates can be time-consuming and affiliate networks can work the advertiser to make sure that they have their program setup correctly in the  first place to ensure that it is successful. And overall,it also helps in detecting fraud.

There are many advantages for affiliates that work with networks. An affiliate can promote many different advertisers,but registering with all these advertisers, negotiating and managing them could be time wasting and stressful. 

So affiliate networks provide an independent tracking system to ensure that the Affiliate gets paid for all their work. They could also provide information, advice and additional services to affiliates that advertisers would not have the experience to provide.

The disadvantage for affiliates is that networks get a percentage of their sales. They charge a fee of between 10% to 30% of the revenue paid to affiliates,as well as a monthly fee for providing this service. Because of this some affiliates prefer to work directly with advertisers so that they can earn more money. 

Tips on Starting Affiliate Marketing for Beginner in Nigeria 2022

How to start affiliate marketing in nigeria: The easiest way to start affiliate marketing as a beginner in 2022 is to choose what you know and to know what you promote. Just like every other online firm have niches and sub niches. So also is the case of affiliate marketing.

Everyone has their own strategies for choosing what to promote and a lot of the decision will be based on the kind of traffic you have. What to do in affiliate marketing is not much,there are no secret strategies that anyone is hiding from you. The main goal is to implement what you learn and other strategies would flow in.

Affiliate marketing 2022: Advance Guide To Affiliate Marketing for Beginners In Nigeria
Starting Affiliate Marketing for Beginners in Nigeria

1. Getting a Niche and choosing what To Promote

A niche is the segment of a larger market defined by its own unique characteristics. It becomes your specialty and the topic people will know you for. Here is how you can decide on your niche that would generate thousands of income for you.

If you are going to promote something, it is better if you know the product well and understand the consumer and their motivations for purchasing it. You can’t promote products such as “Dog Food” and you do not have any experience in such a field or train yourself to answer customers’ questions,then you won’t make much sales.

If you are a sports fan,for example,you understand why people buy sports memorabilia and will probably know that sports fans are much more likely to buy a team memorabilia after winning a big game or a championship than are other times during the season.

Also,the longer you Promote something,the more you come to understand it and the more contracts you have the better the commission becomes.

You should spend time to research the best deals for your traffic and research9 developing and utilizing a well-informed strategy will make you the most money.

In picking a profitable affiliate program niche, I’ll advise you to go for a less competitive niche. For example, you can start promoting products in the Pet Care and Lifestyle niche. Although there are lots of non complex niches that you could try out. Promote something that people are willing to buy and what you are capable of advertising.

So how do you find a profitable niche that interests you and brings sales? You can follow these strategies below:

Make Sure You Can Solve People’s Problems

Affiliate marketers frequently have specialised training or experience in a certain field. This allows them to convey information in unique ways and assist individuals in solving challenges.

Check if your chosen Niche Is profitable

To find out how popular your niche is, do a fast Google search. Examine the level of competitiveness in the area. Market reports should be read. A crowded niche isn’t always a bad thing because it indicates that people are willing to buy.

2. Registering With Affiliate Networks and Getting Approved

Affiliate Networks work hard to get good advertisers and they want to keep them, along with high quality traffic that converts well and delivers good volume.

Affiliate managers are tasked with finding good affiliates and working with them to get lots of high quality traffic and make a lot of sales for their advertisers. They have specific goals for each advertiser and they will push you to meet their target.

Networks and affiliates managers are afraid of affiliate marketer who might lose them time, money and advertisers and they are wary of affiliate fraud.

The bad scenero for an affiliate manager is a new affiliate marketer,who might be from a foreign country that uses fraudulent technology to drive false sales or lead. In turn the network loses the money that they have paid out and the network might get a bad reputation in the industry and advertisers refuse to work with them.

An example of this is the clickbank affiliate marketing program for beginners. Clickbank is both a marketplace for affiliates and an e-commerce platform for digital content creators.  In most countries, clickbank is severely unavailable because they believe they are fraudulent and would lose their money. 

How You can Become the type of Affiliate Marketer that Network and Affiliate Manager wants to work with.

Make it obvious to them that you are a real person. Most good affiliate networks and managers will want to talk to you on phone or get to you via email before they can approve you to run their campaigns. Prepare what you’re going to tell them before they call. There is no shame in saying you are a 2022 beginner in affiliate marketing but be ready to explain how you are going to promote their offers.

If you find an offer that you want to promote and it’s on multiple networks,you can apply to multiple networks at the same time because some networks are faster than others at approving affiliate marketers.

The challenge of Country

It is true that you are more likely to be approved for an affiliate program if you live in the same Country as the affiliate network or rep that you’re dealing with. Many affiliate programs are on multiple networks and some of those networks may have an affiliate representative in your country. So is this much better to look for affiliate programs in your country?

3. Picking Profitable Affiliate Programs or Networks

Finding the right programs is one of the basis of running a successful affiliate business. 

There are numerous affiliate marketing programs to choose from. Affiliate marketing is used by almost 80% of businesses and as a result, it’s important that you locate the program that’s perfect for you.

Make sure to look for affiliate offers and products that will appeal to your target audience, rather than merely high-paying affiliate schemes.

2022 Best Affiliate Marketing Networks for beginners

There are thousands of affiliate marketing networks for beginners which are absolutely profitable and educational.

Affiliate networks give you access to many brands who are willing to promote, make more sales and you’ll get other affiliate opportunities. It is very easy to start working with these affiliate programs. All you have to do is to choose your favourite program, sign up,get approved and select a product to start promoting.

Some top affiliate network websites In Nigeria include:

Jumia Affiliate 

You can make as much as 11% commission on items purchased on Jumia by a visitor from your website or through your affiliate link. If any customer makes any purchase through your link within 30 days of visiting, Jumia pays you a commission for each sale. In my next post I’ll be showing you how to become a jumia affiliate marketer and make a lot of profit in 2022 as a beginner.

Expertnaire Affiliate marketing 

Expertnaire is one of the affiliate marketing in Nigeria that pays and currently, it has risen to the top of the list in terms of affiliate marketing in Nigeria. Expertnaire is a digital marketing platform that assists digital product creators in increasing sales through the use of effective and high-performing affiliates. 

Other affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria include:Konga Affiliate Program, PayPorte Affiliate Program, Wakanow Affiliate Program and many more.

Apart from getting affiliate marketing programs in Nigeria. You can also apply for other foreign affiliate program and I have listed some below and they include:


Clickbank is both a marketplace for affiliates and an e-commerce platform for content creators. You can add your product to Clickbank and they will manage the sale and checkout process, as well as making it visible to their network of affiliate marketers.


ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network based in the River North neighbourhood in Chicago, IL USA. Affiliates use ShareASale to find products to promote, and earn commission for referrals on those products. ShareASale pays our affiliates on the 20th of each month for the previous month’s transactions

CJ Affiliate: 

CJ Affiliate is an online advertising company owned by Publicis Groupe operating in the affiliate marketing industry, which operates worldwide. It’s free to join the Commission Junction affiliate program. However, you do have to be at least 18 years old and own a website before you can get approved.

There are many more additional affiliate networks for beginners that you can check out. Examples are Awin, AffiliaXe, GiddyUp, Impact, warriorPlus and many more.

What is the best affiliate marketing program for beginners in 2022

Affiliate marketing 2022: Advance Guide To Affiliate Marketing for Beginners In Nigeria
best affiliate marketing program for beginners In Nigeria

Apart from joining affiliate networks, you can also enrol in affiliate programs from a single company and as a beginner, here are some programs you’ll like to join.

A good example is getting to promote a product from an online store and gaining commission. For example, when you promote Wordable, NordVPN, Bluehost, Fiverr or ConvertKit products, you’ll get full payments with no service cost reduction because you are promoting directly from the source.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Learn Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

The best strategy to learn affiliate marketing as a beginner in Nigeria is to implement what you’ve been reading all through the web. All affiliate marketing tutorials would be dropped in this blog and you can also check for YouTube and other informational blogs for more details.

How Much Money Do I Need To Start Affiliate Marketing

Although there’s no fixed amount of money you need to start affiliate marketing as a beginner in Nigeria. But I could suggest about N10,000 as a beginner and with this you can start affiliate marketing promotions. We’ll discuss this later in the next session and I’ll be glad to have you read it.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

As I have already said, The easiest way to start affiliate marketing as a beginner in 2022 is to choose what you know and to know what you promote. Just like every other online firm have niches and sub niches, so also is the case of affiliate marketing. To get started, Getting a Niche, Pick Profitable Affiliates and Registering With Affiliate Networks that suit your understanding.


Affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate a steady stream of income online. But believe me when I say it won’t be easy at first.

You must be committed and consistent, and once you have completed the difficult task, you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Once you’ve made your first income, the rest will follow; affiliate marketing has completely transformed many people and of which you too can.

This tutorial on affiliate marketing for beginners In Nigeria would be a startup for you and the next tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to run advertisements and generate income. If you found this article useful, kindly share it with your friends and bookmark it.

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