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Shark Tank Rapid Rope Net Worth 2022: Is Rapid Rope Still In Business?

Rapid Rope Net Worth 2022

Rapid Rope is an environmentally friendly, organic rope firm dedicated to a long-term future. Bamboo is used to create high-quality ropes and textiles.

Rapid Rope is a range of ultra-lightweight, super-strong ropes made specifically for adventurers and individuals on the go.

Rapid Rope was created in 2017 by Geanie and Chris Rodgers, however the Rogers had to put the company on pause for a few years after their adopted son was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis.

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They were tired of having to untangle ropes when they were most needed. They designed the Rapid Rope to make it easier to store, dispense, and cut rope without having to untangle it all the time.

The Rapid Rope is unique in that it comes packaged in an ingenious dispenser that allows it to serve as a one-stop shop.

The dispenser canister can simply be refilled with new canisters to encourage repeat purchases. Each rope is 120 feet long, weighs 1,100 pounds, and may be cut to desired length.

Who owns Rapid Rope 

Rapid Rope was created in 2017 by Geanie and Chris Rodgers. Chris Rogers is a utility lineman that enjoys camping, hunting, and fishing with his family. Rope is frequently required when the Rogers engage in outdoor activities.

Chris usually brings a coil of rope with him when he walks outside. Unfortunately, the rope twisted, and he was continuously searching for a sharp enough tool to cut it.

How much is rapid rope worth?

Rapid Rope costs $25 for a canister and $15 for a refill cartridge. It’s coiled in a shatterproof canister equipped with a built-in cutting mechanism. Carrying a large amount of rope is now convenient and takes up little room.

Customer reviews are overwhelmingly favorable and the product performs as advertised.

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Rapid Rope Net Worth 2022

How much is Rapid Rope shark tank net worth? During the pitch in 2021, the company was estimated to be worth $1 million since and ever since then, the company has sold for over $900,000.

Rapid Rope net worth in 2022 is in the range of $1 million – $ 5 million USD and they make such income from selling strong and accessible ropes which were made from bamboo.

Rapid Rope Shank Tank Net Worth

Net Worth 2022$ 1 – $ 5 million
Net worth 2021$1 million
Net Worth 2020Under Review
Net Worth 2019Under Review

Rapid Rope Shark Tank deal: Is Rapid Rope still in business?

To secure finance and help with distribution, Geanie and Chris Rodgers decided to pitch their company to Shark Tank investors. Geanie and Chris are seeking $200,000 in exchange for a 20% ownership in their $1 million net worth company.

Since the company’s inception two years ago, the Sharks have made $172,000 in sales. They’re also interested in forming a retail partnership with Duluth Trading Company. In honor of their adopted child, they’re contributing a portion of their profits to help create a school in his native Ethiopia.

Investor Lori was the first to walk away from the bargain, followed by Mark, Kevin, and lastly Rohan.

However, before leaving, Rohan declines to engage with the couple and instead makes a $10,000 payment to the institution. Except for Barbara, all of the Sharks are hesitant.

Barbara, on the other hand, is unfamiliar with rope but admires Geanie and Chris. She proposes $200,000 in exchange for a 30% interest in the company.

They counter-offer Barbara $200,000 in exchange for a 20% interest in their company, but she refuses. Finally, they take the deal and accept the offer.

Rapid Rope Amazon Reviews 2022

The rapid rope comes with a Dispenser that is a quick fix for anybody who wants to get a certain length of rope and cut it without worrying about it being tangled or coiling it around the hand or elbow every time. 

With the rapid rope it is easy to: 

  1. Eliminates issue of rope tangling up
  2. Makes it simpler to get the desired length of rope
  3. Compact container for carrying rope
  4. The replaceable rope makes it reusable
  5. Useful for a wide variety of tasks
  6. The rope itself is commercial grade and offers you plenty of lengths


Shark Tank Rapid Rope Net Worth 2022: Is Rapid Rope Still In Business?
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