Breakup Insurance: Here's What Nobody Tells You About The Policy
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Breakup insurance: Here’s what nobody tells you about the policy

Regardless of how you plan your relationship, many things can unexpectedly go wrong. It is in these periods that insurance coverage can help to save you from cost.

Have you ever considered buying relationship breakup insurance to protect you if your boyfriend breaks up with you or the other way around? Well, many people, including myself, have given that some thought, and one day I plan to start my own business to provide this service mostly to women.

But there is one problem with obtaining breakup insurance coverage that no one has ever informed you about. Breakup insurance is extremely difficult to set up, and even when it is, it may take some time to thoroughly analyze the dismissal to make sure it’s not a fraud.

Because of the enormous profit that could be made, most breakups could be staged. However, there are numerous alternatives to purchasing a Breakup insurance policy, which is exactly what we’ll be discussing today, Including why we should have Breakup Insurance policies.

But Before that let’s quickly take an explanation of what insurance for Breakup couples or lovers is meant to be.

What Is Breakup Insurance Policy

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Insurance is an arrangement by which a company or the state undertakes to provide a guarantee of compensation for specified loss, damage, illness, or death in return for payment of a specified premium.

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Breakup insurance is the act of providing coverage for all emotional and physiological costs incurred by a person during a relationship’s separation.

A breakup can cause someone to develop other issues, such as depression. These feelings can have an impact on your daily life and prevent you from doing the things you enjoy. Even if everything ends well and productively, you’ll probably be left with some uneasy feelings.

Benefits of Breakup Insurance

  • Help to regain lost money during dating period
  • Helps to heal fast by throwing a breakup party
  • Also helps to find happiness and healing time

How to get a breakup insurance policy plan

No insurance company is willing to provide an insurance company due to loss; however, an insurance company would have drafted a plan to cover dating couples, and the policy should be enrolled, similar to the one below.

You pay your premium to a company you select to cover you. Everyone has to have this insurance to date and both parties keep all receipts for expenses incurred during the said dating period. 

If you two break up, the insurance company looks through your receipts and decides whether you feel the need to file for financial compensation. Expenses would include food, entertainment, travel, and gas, among other things.

The money spent on the first 10 dates with documentation and all presents bought for the person the insured party was seeing would be reimbursed to you both in full, to the tune of 50% of the costs directly associated with beginning the relationship.

But unfortunately, no insurance company is offering this service at the moment.

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Why should a breakup insurance policy be invented

If a relationship ends, should there be an insurance? Not unless the relationship is with a celebrity or someone who is extremely affluent; in that instance, they should and most likely do have insurance.

You might have a policy that protects every relationship a specific individual has from financial losses resulting from the union or split.

Insurance Policies should be invented because they’ll be able to cover some legal losses which include but not be limited to

  • liabilities for reputational harm
  • wage loss
  • unintended pregnancies,
  • And any direct physical losses or harm to real property as a result of the split.

Best Breakup Insurance Alternative

The best breakup insurance is a strong self esteem. Self-esteem is confidence in one’s own worth or abilities; it is also known as self-respect. Self-esteem includes self-perceived beliefs as well as emotional states such as triumph, despair, pride, and shame.

The best breakup insurance that you can offer yourself is never to include in any relationship that you don’t think worth it. You shouldn’t be wasting your time loving when you know the next person isn’t.

Conclusion to break up insurance

For the main time break up insurance hasn’t been invented. Do you have any suggestions to why breakup insurance policy should be invented? Don’t forget to share it with us in the comments section below.


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