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Naija Get Help Investment Review: Naija Get Help is 100% Fake, WHY?

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Investment as a financial term allows one to grow wealth and also generate long term profit from compound interest. Some people use investments to reach long-term goals such as retirement

Through investment you can get greater rewards and at the same time you might lose your money drastically. That is why before you invest your money on any scheme you need to first of all get a decent review and proof about such investment. 

Today in this article I’ll tell you everything you need to know about Naija Get Help Investment platform. This review is based on what I have discovered and what other customers are saying about the naija get help investment website.

What Is Naija Get Help Investment all About

Naija Get Help Investment Platforms is an online investment platform that was launched in Nigeria with the goal of eradicating poverty and unemployment. According to research, this platform is said to double your investment in two hours.

All about naija get help investment; The Naija Get Help platform is based on trading crypto currencies such as bitcoin and as well as the mining of mineral resources such as gold, diamond, precious stone, and crude oil with the funds of the participants in order to earn more money from the investment.

How To Sign Up For Naija Get Help Investment

How to register for Naija Get Help: Originally, on other investment platforms you’ll be provided with a sign up page where users can simply integrate their details and get registered, pay the necessary bill and then start investing.

But the Naija get help investment platform doesn’t have a sign up page. Instead it is filled with contact details where you’ll be directed on how to sign up or pay money to kick start your investment.

Here’s the catch, after going through Naija Get Help platforms online, I couldn’t get any sign up button or page all I found was links directing me to WhatsApp or phone number which are void. So with this is naija get help investment legit?

Naija Get Help Investment Review    

Naija get help is a platform that promises to double your money under 2 hours of investment. They claim to invest your funds on crypto currencies and also mines natural resources such as Gold, Silver and many more resources.

Now coming to the present age, crypto currencies is not a get rich scheme as it requires deep knowledge and statistics reading to acquire gains on the long run. Now, you can not predict for 100% what the market is bringing or yielding to, no matter what.

Naija Get Help Investment Review: Naija Get Help is 100% Fake, WHY?
You cam lose money from crypto currencies

The fact that the Naija get help investment scheme promises to double your money after two hours is all a scam and a tactic to secure more customers and embezzle their money.

Investing in Ponzi Schemes is like leaving your money out in the open in your lawn and returning days later hoping to find it, the chances are never in your favor.

Is Naija Get Help Investment Platform Legit?

The short answer to this is No. The Naija Get Help scheme is 100% fake and not legit. They defraud unsuspecting poorly educated, desperate, greedy and lazy investors of their hard earned money and you should never fall for this after reading this article.

As of 2022, the scheme is down and doesn’t operate again but some people are currently using Naija Get Help Investment Platform to defraud people; the concept is that you will be requested to pay 5k in order to receive 10k, or 10k in order to receive 20k, and so on.

Naija Get Help Website

There is no actual website for this platform now as everything concerning the scheme has been erased, no phone number is connected nor are they replying to mails.

Naija Get Help Mobile App

Currently the investment platform does not require an app to operate on.

Naija Get Help scheme Registration   

To register, you’ll be asked to provide some personal details,then pay a certain amount of money, claiming it would be doubled in some hours.

Naija Get Help Investment Review: Naija Get Help is 100% Fake, WHY?

I think registration is free, but then you’ll have to pay 5k to get 10k, 10k to get 20k and the list goes on and on.

Naija Get Help Investment Nairaland

Nairaland users are a good reviewer about scam ponzi schemes.

According to a user on Nairaland, he declares a stop and scam tag to the Naija Get Help scheme calling such investment platforms as Ponzi schemes that must crash.

Weeks ago a friend sought expert advice about paying a pledge on GHWW and I told him not to say that the scheme is going down in days. He thanked me and offered to buy me some drinks the next Sunday; an offer that he kept.


Today as other days people have been sending me PMs and messages that GHWW is matching them too fast. What used to be 23days is now being matched in less than 2 complete weeks. I simply shook my head with a grin on my face. My questions were “why insult Ponzi Hater and yet seek my opinion on Ponzi scheme?”, “Why loose nearly a million on a scheme with no office address and still invest millions in another with nobody to hold”

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