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Latest Strategy: Make Money online in Nigeria as a student for free 2022

by Favour James
How to make money online in Nigeria as a student in 2022

Do you want to know you can make money online in Nigeria as a student without investment, with some new strategies? Making money online in Nigeria as a student for free with your phone is as easy as anything else.

You don’t have to pay for any investment scheme or buy business ideas to earn income daily. You don’t have to always look for apps that pay you real money in nigeria. How about getting up on your feet to learn a new skill to make money online with your phone while focusing on studies,even as a teenager.

Now is not the time to collect capital to start a business. All you need is some creativity and energy. Be focused, persistent, and consistent. Hold on to these three principles, then any business that is built will surely succeed

I know how it feels when you don’t have enough money to cater for yourself while studying at either secondary school or university level, from trying to pay for books or handouts or even your friends’ group outing, especially when you’re a female student.

Because of this I have decided to gather an advance and we’ll detailed list of some easy way to make money online in Nigeria as a Student using these profitable online business ideas and opportunities below.

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As a Nigerian student, you can turn your smartphone or even your laptop into a money printing machine. Guess what!

You can generate a life changing stream of income by engaging in some of these profitable online businesses that you can run even in your hostel room by applying some basic strategies.

Some of these legit platforms to make money online are free, that is, you can give it a try without paying money to start. But you’ll have to invest in knowledge.


Thanks to INTERNET, I made my first $100 as a student on FACEBOOK by just selling a Facebook group. What an idea… With $100, you can buy what you like and also pay your school fees,like seriously here is a proof.

Latest Strategy: Make Money online in Nigeria as a student for free 2022

If you understand BTC well you’ll know the -$10 was charged fee. But OMG! Then I was scammed of the money, while trying to sell the BTC, the only money I used was about 5k then, sad…. I was new to the game. But the idea wasn’t stolen from me and today I know how to generate thousands of active members to a group and sell it off.

Latest Strategy: Make Money online in Nigeria as a student for free 2022

For undergraduate students, the internet is essentially a miniature universe full of money-making opportunities.

While it’s important for a student to focus on what he’s being taught in the classroom, supplementing such scholastic activities with a lucrative internet side hustle isn’t a bad idea at all.

I was speaking with a student about a business idea to startup while still at school but guess what? She never knew she could start her own business because she was studying and all her mind was settled on a ponzi scheme that might end up not paying her. She was asking me which app can I use to make money online in nigeria? 

Now let’s talk about some best ways to make money as a Nigerian student (not online fraud). Most students tend to see making money from Ponzi Scheme as the only segment to horn real money making ideas.

The fact here is that, they’ll surely close and leave you behind without being paid for your hard work. Sad, right? I have been in this condition too,

Their aim is not to create wealth or money flow for students but to acquire more money for themselves. 

How can I make money online as a Nigerian student?

There’s money in the internet space that would never get finished no matter how it was harvested. If there’s a demand for a certain skill, then there must be supply and you’re that person that must supply. And apart from making money online, you can also decide to make yours offline. 

You can learn a trade, become a photographer, expertise on hair making, become a hair stylist and many more. Like, it doesn’t have to be all online but with the help of the internet you can get a huge number of customers and income.

Getting a little store to monetize your skill in your school is a nice business idea and for advertising your business or creating an awareness, you can simply put a poster at your hostel door or give flyers legally.

The harsh reality is that your diploma will not guarantee you a happy life. With the country’s economic predicament, education today appears to be a connection based thing. In the oversaturated labor market, there are no open positions.

And it is not advisable for you to drop out of school to start an online business. No, that is not something you should do to yourself. You can combine your education and also look for legit ways to make money online today.

Here today, I have decided to put together in this post some practical and best ways on how to make legit money online with these profitable online business ideas and opportunities below; 

  • AdSense flipping
  • Website flipping
  • Software development
  • Become a translator even as a student.
  • Start a podcast
  • Sell courses on Udemy
  • Virtual Tutoring
  • Virtual assistant
  • Virtual Tutoring
  • Online graphic designing
  • Sell courses on Udemy
  • Sell Books and Stories Online
  • Online graphic designing
  • Dropshipping
  • Publish ebooks
  • App development.
  • Taking online surveys
  • Sell on Etsy
  • Email marketing
  • Run Google AdWords for people
  • Become a YouTuber
  • Facebook marketing
  • Freelance writing.
  • Trading bitcoin
  • Websites and app Testing

How to make money online in Nigeria as a student 2022

There are numerous ways for a student to start making money online in nigeria without paying money to start but the question is whether or not you will have the time to operate the business because student life isn’t simple, and businesses are like babies, they require constant attention, time and concentration.

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Here are some legit online business that pays in Nigeria you could start or run as a student while studying in 2022.

1. Network Marketing

Network marketing is one of the best way of making money online in nigeria. Network marketing is a type of marketing in which people use their personal networks to help grow a business or sell a product. These networks are used to generate leads and recruit customers or partners, with new recruits typically receiving training and mentoring.

Network marketing is one of the profitable business ideas on how to make money online in Nigeria as a Student. Based on my experience I suggest network marketing because it is a daily income which doesn’t require you to leave your home or room to hawk. You can simply work from home and make money from consumption and sales.

And mind you, you’ll need severe training, buy courses and above all be determined to excel. Network marketing can be further divided into certain Sub-niches and I’ll be categorizing them below

Classification of Network Marketing

There are three basic types of Network Marketing program; Affiliate Marketing, Direct Marketing and Multi-level Marketing.

  • Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing means you are recommending useful products to people who need them and by doing so getting commission. In other words and simpler terms, it means selling or promoting other people’s product, so as to get shares from the amount being sold. For example, Jumia and Konga is one of the biggest affiliate networks in Nigeria. So when you join their program, you’ll have to recommend their products to people and if anyone buys through you, you’ll get some shares or commission out of the money being paid.  Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest ways to make money online as a Student In Nigeria today. Furthermore, the skill is easy to learn and master. Despite being saturated with people, you’ll always make sales if you know the right way to do it.

I recently made an advance guide to affiliate marketing for beginners In Nigeria.

  • Direct Marketing: Just like affiliate marketing, direct marketing is the quickest way to sell something. Find a product you enjoy and sell it to your friends and relatives. Trevo,Helping Hand International, Oriflame, Norland International and many more offer direct marketing and it is definitely profitable. People who sign up for these programs do not need to recruit other distributors and are paid only on the direct sales they make.
  • Multi-level marketing: Multi-level marketing is a distribution-based marketing network that includes direct sales and a downline of distributors. Many Multi-level Marketing companies provide a healthy infrastructure and great training, plus extra rewards for high performers. Examples of these companies are GNLD, PWAN, LANDWEY and many more. Although I won’t advise students who are seeking financial breakthrough to venture into this as it would take your time, too much money and an undivided attention.

This video below helps you understand better on how you can use network marketing to make money in Nigeria as a Student.

Network Marketing

2. Graphics Designing

Here is another legit business idea for Nigerian students to make money online. I could remember I learnt graphics design back then while I was preparing to gain admission into the University. I paid N5 thousand Naira for this skill and I haven’t regretted it.

Many people would tell you that you can’t use your mobile phone to design but that’s a deep lie. You’ll only be limited to some features based on the tools you’re using. 

As a beginner you can use Canva, PicsArt, Pixelab and more. You do not need to go to a design school to learn graphic design. It is possible to get the skill by enrolling in a graphic design beginners course online or YouTube.

How can you use graphics design to Make money online in Nigeria as a student in 2022? To make money online from graphics design, you can sell your skill on fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Toptal and many other platforms. After mastering this skill, you can also decide to teach others and also make income.

3. Copywriting

Writing copies for clients is another way to make money online in nigeria as a student for free Copywriting is essential to network marketing. You can make money online in Nigeria without spending a dime by just writing copies for people or clients. So what’s copywriting?

Copywriting is the process of creating convincing marketing and promotional materials that encourage people to do things like buy something, click on a link, donate to a cause, or arrange a consultation.

Written promotions that are published in print or online are examples of these resources. They can also contain spoken information, such as screenplays for videos or ads.

As an affiliate marketer or freelancer, one of the most valuable skills you can develop is the ability to leverage your article to convert a prospect into a buyer. I’m sure you’ve heard of Dan Lok, who is known as the “King of Closing deals.” He’s also a copywriter who’s made a fortune with his talent.

With copywriting,which is one of the legit ways you can make money online as a student In Nigeria, you can get clients [persuading clients] for your graphics designs on Fiverr and also make people buy your product as a Network Marketer.

4. Photocopy and Printing Business

You can leverage your own printing and photocopying business idea into a money printing opportunity. Guess what almost everyone on campus would need your service.

Photocopy and printing is a high money making business for students in school. You can earn a lot of money by doing photocopies for other students in their hostels.

You can place your poster at the entrance of the hostel so as to gain exposure and don’t forget to do this legally. Make sure that you include your room number in your advert. 

5. Sell Data Bundle Online

Here’s another way to make money online as a student In Nigeria. Let’s figure this out based on the way data bundles are being consumed on a daily basis is alarming.

One thing you can’t take away from the Nigerian youth is their Android phone.You can start a data bundle reselling business as a student in Nigeria and gain financial freedom. 

6. Start Printing Airtime and Sell Online

You can start making a huge income from selling airtime at a cheaper price. HAWKIT is a legit platform to make money online by selling airtime. You can also sell at campus, you don’t have to be shy about what you do, as long as it brings in money.

Apart from that you can create a strong social media presence and sell at cheap prices to your friends.

If you need help in joining HAWKIT, you can contact me using the contact page or use this link to register for a discount.

7. Start Trading Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is yet another legit way on how to make money online in Nigeria as a student for 2022. This is a decentralized virtual encrypted medium of exchange that is administered online and uses cryptographic methods to encrypt sensitive data transfers to secure their unit of exchange, making it nearly impossible to tamper with or duplicate the secured currencies.

You can start buying and selling crypto currency especially BTC to gain massive gains but this should be done with extra care. Remember I told you how I was scammed of my first $100.

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Here are some business ideas that you can start for free without spending a dime or investment. 

7. Sell on Jumia

With jumia, you can make money online in nigeria without spending a dime. You can sell on Jumia for free without spending a dime. The registration on Jumia is free for all the vendors but for each sale you make via the platform, you will be charged a fee depending on the delivery method chosen and the category of your products.

Jumia is a legit platform to make money online, you can sell shoes, clothes and any other products and make cool cash as a student.

8. Owning a YouTube Channel

You can make money as a female student in Nigeria by owning or creating your own YouTube channel.

When you upload videos and you’re able to get 1000 subscribers with 4 thousands watch hours, YouTube will start displaying advertisements on your videos and you’ll earn huge.

YouTube monetizes videos via pre-roll, display, and other advertising formats. Advertisers pay based on clicks and impressions. YouTube gives the content creator 55% of this revenue and takes 45% for itself. 2 Content creators must adhere to advertising guidelines.

You can make up to N500,000 in a week from YouTube if you follow a mentor. If you need someone to teach you,kindly notify me in the comments section.

9. Sell On Konga

Just Jumia, you can also sell on Konga. Both follow the same process and are safe. It is one of the largest websites in Nigeria with over 50 million buyers across every state in Nigeria.

With it commission fees as low as 3%, and you only pay when you successfully sell your product. Here are some processes to follow before you can start making money online in Nigeria as a student in konga.

  • Register your store with a unique Store URL for your store on Konga.com.
  • Create your products, set your own prices, and make them available for
  • Manage your orders, choose your own shipping method, and receive sales proceeds.

10. Sell Non-fungible Tokens (NFT)

On OpenSea, AtomicMarket, SuperRare, Rarible and many other NFT selling platforms, you can make money online as a student in Nigeria in 2022 for free by selling just photos.

NFTs are individual tokens with valuable information stored in them. Because they hold a value primarily set by the market and demand, they can be bought and sold just like other physical types of art.

If you need more information or you need a tutorial on this, drop a comment so I can send a complete guide to you for free.

How to make money online in Nigeria as a student
Make money online in Nigeria as a student with your laptop

11. Comedy

With comedy, you can make money online as a secondary school student. Is there any other easy way to make money online as a secondary school student in Nigeria other than acting Comedy? Tell me so I can update this article as fast as possible.

Most comedians, especially secondary students, see comedy through a very small lens and they don’t look at all the opportunities that are available to them. Honestly you can utilize this profitable business idea and make money online in Nigeria as a student.

So how can you make money through comedy? The simple truth is that, make educational and funny comedies, post them to YouTube,then acquire over 1000 subscribers with watch hours.

Then boom…. Online Money has come. You can also think and make your money from shows.

12. Blogging

Blogging is another to make money online as a secondary school student. As a student in Nigeria, you can generate money online by blogging. All you have to do is create and publish new, fresh, and compelling articles, once you have traffic, you can monetize it with Google AdSense, Ezoic or any other ad network.

If you want to learn how to create a blog like mine here you ca contact me using the contact page

13. Selling Facebook Group

You can make money online as a student in Nigeria by just selling Facebook groups. This was how I made my very first $100 and I was very happy.

According to Washingpost, there are 800 million Facebook users, adding that to the 900 million other entities, and dividing it by the valuation, we can estimate the value of each page or group is on average of $58.82.

14.Review books and get Paid

Here’s one of the legit ways of how to make money online in Nigeria as a student in 2022. Reviewing books to get paid might not be a good idea but as a book warmer you’ll find this interesting.

There are also numerous scams out there where companies claim to hire book reviewers only to find out that they keep the review and use it to their advantage. Sadly these scammers never pay the reviewer, so take extra care when doing that. 

15. Music Lesson

You can sell musical teaching material, Skype Music lessons, Set up a music lesson website, Start a Youtube channel, Make online music courses and many more ideas to make money online with music. When you’re in Lagos, basically the music industry is one of the business ideas for Nigerian students to make money online in 2022.

16. Becoming a Gym Instructor

You can decide to have your own gym house and make a huge income as a student. You can introduce new revenue streams by offering new classes, start selling products on-site, and introduce premium memberships for existing members. The downside of this is that you’ll have to invest before you see the profit.

17. Rendering Bouncing Services

This is not for everyone but it is still a profitable means to make money in Nigeria as a student. You must be muscled up in size and be bigger than the average person.

Professional security bouncers are hired for weddings, birthdays, burials and other types of events. An average price for a bouncer in Nigeria is between 10,000 to 50,000 in Nigeria.

18. Event Planning

The event planning industry is the world’s fastest expanding industry. It is a well-known and lucrative type of business. In Nigeria, you, too as a student, you can become a great event planner.

Catering, being familiar with the event, production, entertainment, transportation, hall decorating, planning conferences, birthdays, and renting equipment are all part of the event planning responsibilities. Knowing the proper procedures to take will provide you with a wide understanding of where to begin.

But it all requires time and patience to win in this department. To make huge wins, you can collaborate with your friends or co-event planners to get jobs. You can sponsor your brand on social media and honestly within a short period of time you’ll be known and that’s if you render good planning.

19. Offering Ushering Service

Ushering Service is one of the profitable online business ideas for students now in Nigeria. The difficulty of planning, organizing, and assuring the smooth running of an event has led many people to delegate event coordination to specialists.

You must be truly interested in the sector, charming, a strong communicator, psychologist, and level-headed to begin a career in usher services. You must be a good leader, coordinator, and human manager who can remain calm under pressure.

How to Make Money as a Female Student in Nigeria

20. Photography

If you are a talented female photographer, then you can make thousands with your skill on campus and online. You can sell your photos as NFTs, as wallpaper and many more. Apart from that, many people would patronize you on campus especially when it is a birthday party.

21. Hairdressing and Styling

Ladies like to rock the latest braids and attachments. You get paid a good amount of money to make hair for ladies in your hostel or off-campus lodge. Hairdressing is a lucrative business in Universities and Polytechnic campuses. It is a lucrative way to make money as a student. 

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22. Content Creation

The development of content in text or media format is known as content creation. It is currently one of the highest-paying skills in the world. Online content creation jobs are accessible. All you need to do is excel at developing original content.

Working as a content creator, you can make money online as a Nigerian student but before this, you must learn how to develop motivational text and media. As a content developer, learning animation will give you an advantage.

You might also start as an Instagram influencer or a lifestyle blogger. You will develop as a content developer as a result of this approach. 

23. Online School Registrations

Here’s a profitable online business idea for Nigerian students to make legit money. Registering newbies and guiding them on how to go about a certain exam of form in your school would fetch you real money.

You can create a WhatsApp or Facebook group to sell post utme form at a higher rate. Some of these students don’t do research, they just pay the money and you’ll do the registration and send them their details.

24. Website design and App development

The average cost for designing a standard website in Nigeria ranges from ₦60,000 to more than ₦5,000,000. This price is influenced by factors including your preference in style, size of the website and whether or not your website needs special features.

This is exactly not a get rich quick scheme as you’ll have to learn this skill and also invest in it. When perfected, you can start cashing out. It is an amazing way to make money online in Nigeria as a student.

Even if you’re a student, it can be difficult to concentrate on your studies if your thoughts are wrapped in topics such as how to get money or where to invest it. While it is necessary to have side hustles,it is also mandatory to balance your educational life.

Making money while going to school is a great way to improve your financial situation. Regardless of one’s gender, it is now simpler for a Nigerian student to generate money in this day and age.

Here’s a list of online business idea for Nigerian students below;

25. Sell on Amazon

Many students wish to sell their products on amazon and start making money online. But If you don’t know the direct approach to this you might end up not being able to bring out the best in it.

If you create unique digital products, you need to know how to sell them on Amazon from Nigeria, because that’s where money is and with this you can make money in Nigeria as a student for free.


You can sponsor your baking skills and make money online or even make cakes for students on your campus. this kind of business is profitable as many studenet would like to cekebrate their birthday and theuse of cakes would be required.

Aparrt from baking cakes, snacks would be a profitable bussines idea you can start.


Dropshipping business is easy to set-up as an online business model that can generate high returns for the aspiring ecommerce entrepreneur.

When a customer purchases a product from a dropshipping store, a third-party supplier ships it directly to them. The customer pays the retail price you set, you pay the suppliers’ wholesale price, and the rest is profit. You never have to handle products or invest in inventory. To get more insight, watch video about making money with dropshipping

Learn how to make money online with dropshipping

27.Proofreading & Editing

Here’s how to make money online in Nigeria as a student by proofreading. Proofreading means carefully checking for errors in a text before it is published or being shared. To make a huge income, you’ll have to check for google and register for gigs and ensure that content is clean and readable.

29.Language translation

Here’s how you can make money online as a student in Nigeria by translating language. You can legitimately publish a translated book and sell it on Amazon, you can work for direct clients, you can work for translation agencies, you can establish your own translation agency. 

30.PowerPoint expert

you can become a software package designer that create electronic presentations consisting of a series of separate pages or slides. with this skill you can make your money online

31. Write on medium.com

You can make money online in Nigeria as a student by owning a blog on medium. You can monetize it when you have about 100 subscribers.

32. Sell customize graphics template

You can sell customised graphics contents or templates to clients on Upwork and Fiverr also to earn money online in Nigeria as a student.

Here are some Apps that you can use to make money online in nigeria as a student

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Binance
  • Facebook app
  • Jumia app
  • Konga App
  • OpenSea
  • Medium App
  • YouTube App and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions about making money in Nigeria 2022 for free

How can a Teenager make money online without a job?

You can make money as a teenager without having a physical Job at hand. Making money as a teenager, you can start an online business or managing a skill on Fiverr. Skills like copywriting, graphics design and many more would fetch you much money because they are ready to learn and implement

How can I make money online in Nigeria with my phone?

With your phone and internet you can make money online by rendering services to clients who are desperately in need of them.

How can students under 18 make money online?

Student under 18 are not segmented from the above ways to make money especially when you’re secondary school. Teenager can start a YouTube channel, make educational videos and earn money. People tends to follow teens who are online so rapidly

How can I earn money from Google in Nigeria?

To make money from Google as a Nigerian student, you’ll have to create a blog or YouTube channel. Create valuable content on your site, engage your visitors, monitise your blog through Google adsense and then make money online for free.

PDF’s For making money online in Nigeria

This is how to make money online in nigeria pdf, this e-book would guide you and enable you to scale higher in business.

You can download them below just for free:


Click on the Link


Making money online isn’t a fast money making scheme, let the truth be told. The point here is looking or choosing from the list above and become a master in one.

All you need is some creativity and energy. Be focused, persistent, and consistent. Hold on to these three principles, then any business that is built will surely succeed. This is all I could tell you about how to make money online in Nigeria as a student in 2022. Do you have any questions or guidelines to start? You can use the comment section below.

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