Secret Ingredients For Cooking One Bag Of Jollof Rice In 2022
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Secret ingredients for cooking one bag of jollof rice In 2022

Today in this article, we’ll be discussing some ingredients for cooking one bag of jollof rice in 2022. And also, how to cook jollof rice with just tomato paste in Nigeria.

The origins of jollof rice can be traced to the Senegambian region that was ruled by the Wolof or Jolof Empire in the 14th century, spanning parts of today’s Senegal, The Gambia and Mauritania, where rice was grown.

Firstly, let’s check out some questions that baffle people who seem to cook one bag of jollof rice for a party and get stuck because they don’t know the right proportions.

Frequently asked questions on bag of rice

1.How many paint buckets are in a bag of rice?

The answer is between 13 to 12 paint buckets precisely the left over after the 12th bucket may not fill the 13th bucket completely.

2.How Many Derica Is In A Bag Of Rice?

64 dericas equals one bag of rice. because 32 dericas is equivalent to half a bag of rice.

3. How Many Cups Of Rice In A 50kg Bag?

About 64 derica of rice equal a 50 lb bag of rice depending on long or short grain.

4.1 Kg Rice Is How Many Cups

The number of cups in a 1kg bag of rice is 2 to 3 cups of rice. It varies.

If you are going to cook half a bag of jollof rice or buy ingredients for half a bag of rice then slash the measurements into two.

Ingredients For Cooking One Bag Of Jollof Rice in 2022

– 1 basket of fresh tomato( medium sized basket )

– 4 big Gino tin tomatoes.

– 2 maggi Packs and one knorr pack.

– 2 and half big pack of tiger curry

– small dustbin rubber basket of onions

– Ginger and garlic fresh #1000.

nutmeg ( about 10 sachet is enough).

– 2 custard bucket mix of shombo and tatashe.

– fresh atarodo pepper 2 custard bucket (usage depends on how peppery you want the rice to be )

– 20 litres of groundnut oil.

– 2big packs of tiger time

– Meat stock ( could be beef or chicken )


1.) 2 Rolls of kitchen glory

2.) 2 Rolls of benny spice.

3.) 2 Rolls mevina.

4.) 4 sachets of delice spice.

7.)2 big salt packs.


Grind your tomato, fresh pepper, shombo, tatashe ginger, garlic and some onion.

Pour your grounded tomato in a pot and set on fire for the water to dry.

Put your meat in a pot add grounded garlic, ginger, thyme, curry, bayleaf, salt and maggi. Mix properly and add little water. Set it on fire with low heat so that it can absorb spices properly.

Fry your meat , with one bulb of fresh onion in the oil it adds a nice distinct flavour

Ready To Cook Your Party Jollof Now:

Slice your onion, place your pot on fire, pour in the groundnut oil u used to fry your meat, if is not enough add more, once the oil is hot add sliced onion, add your freshly dried tomato, once its dried add the tin tomato and fry

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Add your spices, maggi, salt, kitchen glory, blended rosemary. Go easy on the spices because too spicy jollof is not really good.

Add your stock (the meat water is the stock)…cover to boil very well

Make sure to parboil your rice and wash properly

Add it to your mix and boil on fire. If your pots are big enough , divide in manageable quantities, do not stir it too often, do not use too much heat to cook your rice and do not fret if it gets a bit burnt. It’s quite common and usually adds that burnt bottom pot taste.

How Many People Can Half or One Bag of Rice Feed?

When cooking for a lot of people, as in weddings and other ceremonies in Nigeria, it can be hard to estimate the quantity of rice that will be enough. So, how do you know how much rice to cook for a party or wedding guests? Here’s a rough guide to how much rice (quantity) to cook for any number of guests between 25 and 150 people.

8kg feeds 25 people

10kg feeds 30 people

20kg feeds 60 people

25kg (half bag of rice) feeds 75 people

30kg feeds 90 people

40kg feeds 120 people

50kg (1 bag of rice) feeds 150 people

How to cook Jollof Rice with tomato paste : The Ultimate Guide

Cooking Jollof rice with tomato paste is one of the easiest things I have ever encountered or done so far, and to wow you the more,I didn’t watch any video on how to cook Jollof Rice with tomato paste from YouTube or anywhere. 

Just learned that from my precious mother  and With these skills, I have cooked for one of the biggest pipeline companies in Nigeria, called BRADAMA. They were actually surprised and guess what ? I made a huge amount of income during this period.

So with all my knowledge on making Jollof Rice with tomato sauce,I will write down my procedures and I’ll be glad if you’ll get to know and follow everything, it actually simple, you might be thinking that Jollof rice has some secret ingredient but No, Jollof rice secret ingredient list aren’t available anywhere.

In this article I assure you that you are going to learn about how to cook Jollof Rice with tomato paste, you’ll learn about the spices for Jollof Rice and also give you a credible video to watch,in case you want to prepare the Nigerian jollof rice with just tomato paste urgently.

What is The  Meaning of Nigeria Jollof Rice

Jollof rice is a West African favourite meal. The meal is typically made with long-grain rice, tomatoes, onions, spices, vegetables and meat all in a single pot, although its ingredients and preparation methods vary across different regions globally.

The origins of jollof rice can be traced to the Senegambian region that was ruled by the Wolof or Jolof Empire in the 14th century, spanning parts of today’s Senegal, The Gambia and Mauritania, where rice was grown. 

In the western world, there has been an increase in interest in West African foods since 2010. Jollof food festivals have taken place in Washington, DC and Toronto, Canada. Since 2015, the 22nd of August has been designated as “World Jollof Day,” which has gained popularity on social media.

According to my research, the Nigeria Jollof Rice is an incredible and tasty meal, Majorly prepared by the western view of Africa. It is usually made from rice with an addition of other spices like, Tomatoes,pepper, onions,salt and many more. I’ll give you some of the Jollof Rice spices later in the article.

Nigerians have their special ways of preparing food. Ghana also has their own special way of preparing, followed by Togo, Senegal, Gambia, Mali, Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast, Cameroon and other foreign countries who love or have heard of Jollof Rice.

Before I show you how to prepare jollof rice with just tomato paste, quickly let’s not down some useful Jollof Rice spices.

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Spices for Jollof rice

We all know the basic ingredients for cooking Jollof rice are Salt, Sugar, Onion, Ginger, Yeast Extract , Coriander, Thyme, Garlic, Crushed Chilli, Green Bell Peppers, Cinnamon, Bay and the others.

But to make your jollof rice more spicy, get all these ingredients ready.

Nigeria Jollof rice with tomato paste ingredients

The main ingredients for Nigerian jollof rice are; Rice, tomatoes and tomato paste, onions, cooking oil, goat meat, chicken, or beef.

Here are other spices

4 cups of rice (long grains)

 tomato puree

sachet or tin Gino Tomato paste

 sachet of groundnut oil  (or olive oil)

  onion (chopped)

 bulb of white onion ( do not chop)

 red Bell pepper (medium)

 tablespoon curry powder

  tablespoon sweet paprika (smoked)

 teaspoon kosher salt

 teaspoon black pepper

 bay leaf

 teaspoon dried thyme

  yellow onion (chopped)

 cloves garlic (chopped)

 fresh ginger 

 plum tomatoes (ripe, roughly chopped)

Enough of tomatoes

  ginger powder

How to cook Jollof Rice with tomato paste without Burning

Now that we’ve gotten all our ingredients ready,now let’s cook out Nigerian Jollof rice.

To prepare your special Nigerian jollof rice, firstly you’ll have to follow every procedure accordingly,you must not just add up every single ingredient your hand could reach,if you might end up just preparing what my mum called concoction rice instead of our Jollof rice.

Steps to Cook Nigerian Jollof Rice with tomato paste

  1. Blending Some Spices:

The first process is to blend your yellow onion, ginger, your garlic, Tomatoes,and your pepper. Not too much pepper but according to your taste. Remember you’ll still add Bell pepper to it.

Blend all these Spices together for about 30 seconds. But I’ll prefer a really smooth blend.

  1. Sautéing your sliced Onions:

Sautéing or sauteing as many would call it is a method of frying that uses a relatively small amount of oil or fat in a shallow pan over relatively high heat. 

But in this case, we’ll use enough groundnut oil to saute our sliced onions first. And then the blended Spices.

Here is how to do so;

  • Place a clean pot on medium heat or a minimum amount of heat.
  • Pour your groundnut oil,all three sachets,make sure the heat is regulated. Then allow the oil to heat for about 3 – 4 minutes.
  • Add your sliced onions (the yellow one),then allow it to fry, hopefully if you follow my procedure you’ll notice an inviting aroma.
  • Allow the onions to fry until it is a little bit brownish.
  • Add your sliced tomatoes.
  • Then add your blended spices and the tomato puree and fry them all together for about 10 – 15 minutes depending on the heat,it might be longer than this depending on the water you add when blending your pepper.
  • Don’t forget to add your tomato paste too. Fry all this together.

The reason why you have to do all this is to make sure that all the hidden aroma in these spices are brought up.

When the sauce becomes really thick and the oil literally floats on top of the sauce. At this point, if not all but most of the water is dried up and the sauce no longer looks raw.  

  1. Adding the flavour Seasonings:

When you are sure the sauce is dry and light weighted add your Ginger powder,thyme and Curry and your favourite seasoning cubes. Season with a pinch of salt or to your taste, stir-fry, then add the bay leaves, and a pinch of black pepper and stir for 3 minutes on medium heat. Make sure you regulate the heat if not it’ll get burnt.

  1. Adding the Rice:

Most cooks would add enough water that would cook the rice appropriately to the sauce and allow it to boil before rinsing the rice into it. I actually do the same and I do prefer it this way, While others would add little water and then stir in the rice. 

But whatever way, you’ll still arrive at your jollof rice but different in the rice texture. For the sake of this tutorial,I’ll show you my way.

  1. Add enough water that would cook the rice to a normal point texture (I do not like half cooked rice) so I need to add water appropriately.
  2. Wait for the water to boil for about an extra 2-3 minutes.
  3. Then Rinse your rice in it, at this point you can add sliced onions,mashed fish, crayfish, Butter and more.
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Add the rinsed rice and butter, stir with a wooden spoon, cover with a double piece of parchment paper and put a lid on the pan. This will seal in the steam and prevent the flavour from escaping. Turn up the heat and cook.

Avoid stirring the rice,when in boiling period,so as to make it whole grains. When the rice stops boiling,reduce the heat to a low pressure then stir up the rice with a wooden spoon. Cover and allow it to cook until you are satisfied.

Your favourite Nigerian Jollof rice is now ready to be served. As you can see, to prepare jollof rice with tomato paste is quite easy and fun, stick with the guidelines and you’ll be fine.

What type of rice is best for making Jollof Rice with tomato sauce

You can use any type of rice but basically I prefer you use the long grain rice. Using Long  grains like brown basmati rice helps to reduce risk of heart disease. In addition,long/whole grains help to reduce blood cholesterol levels.

If you use the long grain rice in preparing your Nigerian jollof rice it would definitely make a less sticky dish of rice and more presentable and professional, than the regular white rice. 

Now let’s take for instance you had visitors and you quickly rushed to prepare your favourite Nigerian jollof rice with all these sorts of short or white rice and you will end up having a mashed or sticky jollof rice and you won’t be happy with that. So I prefer using long grain rice.

How to serve a prepared jollof rice with just tomato paste

Mostly in Nigeria jollof rice is served in parties, no party is complete without the Nigerian jollof rice because this meal spices things up. Now your prepared Nigerian jollof rice could be served with either Chicken, Turkey, Beef, Goat Meat or Fish, and might also be accompanied with a  creamy Coleslaw or Nigerian salad. 

How To Cook Jollof Rice Without Burning

To prevents your jollof rice from burning I also just that you :

  1. Use a wooden spoon to stir up your rice.
  2. Use a minimum amount of heat or pressure.
  3. Do not always stir up the rice while boiling or not.

With all these you’ll be able to prevent your jollof Rice from burning.

How to prepare Nigerian party jollof rice

The only difference between the jollof rice you cook at home and the one you eat at parties is that it is cooked on an open fire, that is, the rice is being heated in a large amount of heat.

Furthermore, allow the rice to burn, then give it a specific burnt aroma. Now to prepare your own Nigerian party jollof rice at home you could allow your rice to stay longer on the fire for an extra time of about 5 minutes so as to allow it to burn. 

Put off the fire and do not drop it down to make sure it is still in a tight air, so as to make the burnt aroma circulate the rice. You can do this for another 4 minutes.


Every West African country has at least one type of Jollof rice, which both divides and unites the region. Jollof rice is the undisputed master of West African kitchens, thanks to its captivating aroma, deep red colour, and spicy flavour. It’s a beloved foodie treasure and a meal to our very heart and soul.

This was a guide that illustrated the ingredients for cooking one bag of jollof rice In Nigeria 2022


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