[Free Guide 2022] How To Send Bulk SMS In Nigeria For Free With An Online Bulk SMS Services
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[Free Guide 2022] How to send Bulk SMS in Nigeria for free with an online bulk SMS services

How to send Bulk SMS in Nigeria for free

Getting in touch with all your customers might be such a hard task to perform. You wouldn’t want to get stuck and tired while sending messages or information to over 1,000 active clients for your business.

Without a doubt, small and large-scale businesses must keep in touch with a huge amount of people to keep the organization moving. Entrepreneurs send advertisements, awareness of discount prices, and many more to people who they’re interested in.

Hence, all this would be time and money-consuming, and also requires much effort to broadcast your notification. But some companies help to send all these messages at once to your customers, they are called the bulk SMS service provider.

This article would help you to understand how to send bulk SMS in Nigeria with online bulk SMS service providers using a free account registration. 

You’ll be able to send free customized SMS online regardless of your network provider (MTN, GLO, Etisalat, Airtel, etc), with the help of these best bulk SMS platforms in Nigeria that I’ll be listing below.

Meaning of Bulk SMS in Nigeria 2022

How to send Bulk SMS in Nigeria
How to send bulk SMS in Nigeria for free 2022

SMS stands for Short Message Service and is commonly known as texting. 

Bulk SMS enables you to send your customers to mass text messages in Niger or internationally, businesses or entrepreneurs who are aiming to reach a specific audience, locally or globally use this technique majorly for mass SMS advertising.

Hence according to randomtalks, bulk SMS can be defined as a podium to which an organization broadcasts to their customers in less time by sending multiple messages simultaneously to make awareness.

They could inform them about promotions, discount prices for goods, sales, etc. In addition, the cost for bulk SMS is effective, less time-consuming, and relatively low as users can broadcast their messages for as low as N2 per message sent. Although other bulk SMS services providers’ costs may vary.

What are the benefits of sending bulk SMS in Nigeria

There are so many benefits of using the bulk SMS services platform for your business. Moreover, it makes your business look outstanding and professional.

You can send free bulk SMS from the internet to mobile end users which is both convenient for your businesses and also customers. Below are some benefits of sending SMS in bulk to your customers.

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1. High Conversion Rate

Using any of the best bulk SMSes in Nigeria helps to create a higher conversion rate for your outreach. These platforms would allow you to send customized SMS which is attractive to viewers and would also make them buy.

2. High Open Rate

Text messages have the highest open rate in the world than emails. According to randomtalks research, 98% of an average person would open any message they receive. So, small and large-scale businesses utilize bulk SMS services to ensure that their messages are being opened by clients within the first few minutes.

3. Personalized Ads

Personalized ads can also be called interest-based advertising. Sending bulk SMS in Nigeria enables you to reach your customers, based on their interests and demographics. 

You can create personalized Ads by segregating your contacts list based on interest and location. Customers who like buying chairs might not be interested in shoes, so bulk SMS platforms would help you send different messages to specific users.

4. Provides Speed to Your Marketing

Send bulk SMS help to speed up your marketing by informing a large number of people about a certain product. Your sales will rise if customers are well-informed about your product. For many businesses, marketing is a huge asset in terms of generating money.

5. It Saves Costs and Time

Sending text messages via a mobile phone is expensive and time-consuming. However, sending a message to a huge number of people via a bulk SMS platform is inexpensive and quick.

How To Send Bulk SMS In Nigeria For Free 2022 [Advance Guide]

You can send free customized SMS by using any of the best bulk SMS platforms in Nigeria either through a bulk SMS app or the internet. All methods are effective, and the registration and usage procedures are the same for all services, however, tariffs/costs may vary.

Before you send SMS in bulk, it is important to first know the price or rate charges. How much to send bulk SMS in Nigeria? MTN’s bulk SMS service, for example, comes in a variety of packages in Nigeria. According to legit, It costs N2.80k/SMS to supply over one million units to various operators. Other providers, on the other hand, may offer lower or higher charges.

Here is the procedure on how to send bulk SMS in Nigeria for free:

1. Get the best and cheapest bulk SMS service provider in Nigeria

There are lots of platforms that allow entrepreneurs to send bulk SMS in Nigeria for free without a cost for registration.  For example, bulksmsNigeria allows you to send transactional messages, announcements, notifications, campaigns, promotions, and more, making it simple for you to communicate with your customers, members, associates, colleagues, constituencies, employees, and more across the world.

Although the cheapest might not always be the best as many would think, it is advisable to check for reviews from recent customers before registration.

2. Read the terms of use of the chosen service 

It is important to always read the terms of service for the bulk SMS service provider you’ve chosen and determine if you agree with them. 

This is necessary because most platforms might not suit your budget or even worse you may be held liable for the content of your messages, or legal authorities may want access to the texts you send

Furthermore, reading the terms and conditions makes you understand what you are agreeing to. Businesses frequently hide certain dangerous agreements in these pages, and if you never read them, you may find yourself in big trouble later on.

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3. Fill in personal data [Registration]

During registration, you may be required to fill out all of your information. Personal information such as an e-mail address, phone number, name and surname, password, and so on would be gathered. After that, activate your account and decide which bundle you want to get, as well as fill in the necessary information.

4. Pay for the SMS service provider

The next step is to load money into your wallet for the service via a credit card, USSD, or bank transfer payment mechanism. You will receive an email with a link or a note indicating that your account has been activated. So, enter your password and log in.

5. Complete your profile and start creating your text messages

After successfully registering and paying, you can now begin delivering bulk text messages to your customers by selecting Create Text Messages from your service provider dashboard.

Write your ID as a sender so that recipients know who sent them the SMS. Then, arrange the list of numbers using whichever office manager you like. Copy and paste them into the field asking for numbers to send and always remember to use a comma and a space to separate numbers. Then write your message and send it. Happy sending.

Top 5 Best and cheapest bulk sms services providers in Nigeria 2022  

1. Bulk SMS Nigeria [Free bulk messages service provider]

BulkSMSNigeria is one of the fastest-growing message broadcast services in Nigeria, providing a free and paid service plan for individuals who are ready to take their business to another level.

They operate both locally and internationally delivering customized sms to all your active numbers including the DND number (Do-not-disturb) and also give you reports on how your money has been spent.

With this company, you can send all types of sms to increase your sales or create awareness. Messages such as transaction alerts, promotional offers, campaigns, work remember, etc can be sent and delivered with speed. 

BulkSMSNigeria has direct connections with all GSM operators in Nigeria, as well as Hosted SIMs that deliver to Do-Not-Disturb (DND) numbers as well. 

How to Register for BulkSMSNigeria for Free

Go to https://bulksmsnigeria.com, click on the registration page and sign up, then confirm your email address. Next is to purchase credits online via Credit or Debit card using Paystack or Quickteller.

Bank deposit or electronic funds transfer is also accepted and their system is fast. Upon registration, you’ll be given a free registration bonus of 50 free bulk sms units. 

BulkSMSNigeria contact Details
  • Website: https://bulksmsnigeria.com
  • Contact: 090 500 300 90
  • Email: support@bulksmsnigeria.com
  • Location: 61/72 Ekpo Abasi Street, Calabar, Nigeria
  • Estimated Delivery Cost: price per unit cost is ₦1.99 for a recharge of ₦500 – ₦49,999.
  • Is BulkSMSNigeria legit: Yes

2. Multi-Texter.com [cheapest bulk sms services in Nigeria]

Multitexter sends SMS to the four major GSM networks in Nigeria, including Glo, MTN, Airtel, and 9Mobile, as well as the majority of the major GSM networks worldwide.

With its easy-to-use web interface, unlimited SMS recipient, schedule, and send later features, you can send bulk SMS to any network in Nigeria at one unit per SMS. 

Providing the fastest and most reliable gateways for sending text messages in Nigeria and Africa at large with an instant delivery report.

With this company, you can send Bulk SMS in Nigeria with ease by uploading numbers that are in CSV format. To register and start sending bulk messages, go to its homepage by following this link and register.

Multi-Texter contact details

  • Website: https://multitexter.com
  • Contact: +2348038259157
  • Email: info@multitexter.com
  • Location: 6th Floor, 294 Herbert Macaulay Way, Sabo Yaba, Lagos
  • Estimated Delivery Cost: The minimum payment is ₦500 and 1 unit is charged per page to all networks except MTN and Airtel which charge 2 units per page.
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3. Gold SMS 247

Goldsms247 service assists you in meeting marketing objectives, increasing client retention, and ensuring a superior customer and employee relationship with your company.

This company boasts of being the cheapest bulk SMS service in Nigeria, performing message broadcasts at the rate of 76kobo per message unit.

Goldsms247 contact details

  • Website: https://goldsms247.com
  • Contact: (234) 8120392899
  • Email: goldsms247@gmail.com
  • Location: 26, Henrietta Awolesi avenue, Off Francis Egbetokun avenue, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.
  • Estimated Delivery Cost: Minimum deposit is N500 and the unit cost is N0.88

4. Nigeria Bulk SMS

Nigeria Bulk SMS is the leading SMS marketing company in Nigeria, with clients in almost every industry worldwide. With its mobile-friendly app, you can automatically remove repeated numbers to save credits and time.

You can send customized bulk SMS to over 210 countries using Nigeria Bulk Sms, extending your marketing reach to the UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, India, Ghana, and others. To get started check its contact details below

Nigeria Bulk SMS contact details

  • Website: https://nigeriabulksms.com
  • Contact: +2348101253666
  • Email: Not Disclosed
  • Location: Suite A28, Melita Plaza, Ahmadu Bello Way, Area 11, Garki, Abuja
  • Estimated Delivery Cost: minimum amount you can buy is ₦1000 and the cost per SMS is N3.00.

5. Xwireless SMS [Best for OTP Message]

The X-Wireless Messaging Platform enables you to connect with your customers vastly conveniently and effectively, as well as receive SMS from your customers and scale your business.

If you want to know how to send bulk SMS in Nigeria for free, consider using x-wireless because they are reliable and have been in business since 2010.

X-wireless SMS contact details

  • Website: https://xwireless.net
  • Contact: +2348180010295
  • Email: contact@xwireless.net
  • Location: Nigeria
  • Estimated Delivery Cost: cost per sms is N1.5982 – 2.3146

In Conclusion

There’s no doubt that sending bulk SMS in Nigeria with an online sms broadcast service would save you time and money and even make you stay connected with your customers.

Because SMS reaches the consumer on their mobile phone, which is the most personal communication device. It is also less expensive than other forms of traditional advertising which makes it one of the most effective tools for marketing.

Businesses use the bulk SMS service to keep current customers engaged by sending personalized birthday greetings, payment confirmations, and more, to promote sales and special offers.

The main reason why entrepreneurs use a bulk sms services platform is to raise brand awareness and provide customers with value-added services.

With the help of this article I hope you now know how to send bulk sms in Nigeria for free online. You can share this article with your friends and also help them create an awareness for their businesses.

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