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Don’t get scam! Identify fake bitcoin wallet screenshot 2022 from generator

by Favour James
fake bitcoin wallet screenshot

Many people have gotten scammed because of paying less concentration on the screenshot being offered after a transfer of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Even I, was a victim Losing over $100 BTC in 2022 on paxful.

Here I’ll be walking you through how you can avoid fake Bitcoin wallet screenshot, crypto wallet screenshot, coinbase balance screenshot, coinbase wallet screenshot, fake coinbase screenshot, crypto balance screenshot and more.

Crypto scammers defrauded users of over $14 billion in 2021 alone, and with cryptocurrency’s growing popularity, this figure is likely to rise over time.

When sending cryptocurrency, it’s critical to be on the lookout for potential scammers. After all, there is no way to get your money back once you’ve sent it in a crypto transaction.

Scams in the cryptocurrency space come in all different dimensions, from fake coinbase screenshot fake bitcoin wallet screenshot and many more. This article discusses the most common cryptocurrency scams, how to avoid them, and what to do if you become a victim of one.

What are Fake Bitcoin Wallet Screenshot

Fake Bitcoin wallet screenshots are used to scam people of their money. Scammers tend to use this method often during transfer transactions.

They used fake Bitcoin screenshot generators to generate images and fool their prey. These generators are designed to produce images that look exactly the same as a normal screenshot. So how can you identify them?

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How to Identify fake bitcoin wallet screenshot 2022 

Fake Crypto wallet screenshots are very complicated to identify especially when the victim is a novice. And on the other hand, it’s also very easy to identify if you have the right procedures just like what I’ll be showing you.

Here are the main ways to identify Bitcoin or coinbase wallet screenshot Scams:

1. Ask for a recent Screenshot

The first step in determining whether a screenshot is fake is to request the sender’s most recent Screenshot. The fake screenshot color is usually different from the most recent one from the phone. You can check for Phone’s Interphase, screen color, and more by requesting a recent shot.

Make sure not to ask for a Bitcoin transaction screenshot, I’ll advise to ask for their homepage screenshot or better still tell them to make a video.

2. Check For Date and Time

Check the date and time of the transaction after obtaining a screenshot. The time of transfer may differ from the time the transportation occurred. Although most screenshot generators are designed to avoid this step by inserting the precise time the transactions occurred.

The scammer, on the other hand, may inspect elements and easily add a normal time.

3. Check for Phone’s Interface

The graphical and generally touch-sensitive display of a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, that allows the user to interact with the device’s apps, features, content, and functionalities is known as a mobile user interface.

The design requirements for mobile user interfaces are vastly different from those for desktop computers. Because of the lower screen size and touch screen capabilities. 

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This feature makes it easier to identify a fake Bitcoin wallet screenshot by checking if the current screenshot is being exact with the first one he/she sent.

4. Check for Bitcoin wallet address

A Bitcoin wallet address is a digital address composed of letters and numbers used to send and receive Bitcoin transactions. A Bitcoin wallet address is the digital address from which you send and receive BTC in the same way that an email address is used to send and receive emails.

Because an address is simply a modified representation of a Bitcoin public key, you can safely share your BTC address with anyone without fear of security vulnerabilities.

Same way if an email address is incorrect, you wouldn’t receive any mail from a sender. Remember to check if the wallet address is correct, most times there could be a mistake while receiving crypto currencies.

5. Ask for Transaction ID

Every transaction that is confirmed and added to the blockchain is given a transaction ID (TXID) or transaction hash, which is a unique string of characters. To put it another way, a TXID is a unique integer that identifies each transaction on the blockchain.

A transaction is assigned a transaction ID as a unique identifier when it is made and added to the blockchain. You can then look for it in a block explorer by looking for the transaction ID, depending on the blockchain.

This can be useful for validating basic transaction details including the amount sent, the transfer date, the sending or receiving address, and the number of network confirmations received.

If you feel you’ve been scammed, try asking for a transaction hash or ID to track the process and if the sender refuses to do so… then this is a scam.

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There is no way to get bitcoin back once it has been lost. Some erroneous transactions have been repaid, but only when the counterparty knows the sender personally, which is uncommon. When a private key is lost, bitcoin associated with that key becomes unspendable. when you get scammed of your BTC on Coinbase or any other platform… you can regain it back cos you won’t be able to track the sender unless you know them personally.

This is all I know on how to identify fake Bitcoin wallet screenshots, have you ever experienced a fake transportation? You can do well to share your experience in the comments section below.

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