Know How To Hide Razor Under Tongue In 5 Minutes Now!
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Know How To Hide Razor Under Tongue in 5 Minutes Now!

how to hide razor under tongue

Ever questioned how someone could conceal razor blades in their mouth? This scenario is most frequently experienced by emotionally unstable prisoners, who are over their sentences or want to harm themselves.

Hiding a razor blade under the tongue can be extremely dangerous because you run the risk of cutting your mouth or tongue, which could result in excessive bleeding and eventual death. I have observed numerous magicians chewing or hiding blades in their mouths.

But you’re not a magician, are you? Even though many regular people can simply hide a razor under their tongue while speaking to you, they might do this out of self-defense.

If you’re willing to know how to hide razor under tongue, this guide would give you full insight Into concealing and spitting razors. Note That, this article is just for educational purposes and randomtalks would not be held responsible for any harm caused by you.

But first, let’s look at what it means to put a razor blade under the tongue and why people do such an act before delving further into the procedures or guidelines that must be followed before holding razor blades in the mouth. 

Razor Blade Under Tongue Meaning

It all focuses around carefully inserting a razor into one’s mouth for self-defense and self-harm, which could occasionally turn out to be a tool for self-destructive behavior that results in cuts and bleeding of the mouth.

When I was doing my research for this article, I learned that it was common for New Yorkers to hide razor blades in their mouths or under their tongues in the early years of the 90s.

Therefore, when they chose to attack someone, they would spit it out, giving their adversary a cut on the face and leaving them to suffer the pain. The Prophet, a 2009 prison film starring Jacques Audiard, illustrates this razor concealment.

Here’s a safe Guide on How to hide razor under Tongue 

There isn’t much information about hiding razor blades under the tongue, but I have come up with some safe ideas that would not allow the blade to injure or get contaminated.

Get a new razor blade

When trying to hide a razor blade under the tongue, the first step is to get a new blade. Getting a new blade is necessary because you won’t have to put in a rust one inside your mouth. The most preferable is the Gemstar razor blade.

Rust blades contain iron oxide, that is, the reaction of oxygen and iron. Metal fume fever can be caused by exposure to Iron Oxide fumes. This is a flu-like illness characterized by symptoms such as metallic taste, fever and chills, aches, chest tightness, and cough.

Get an athletic tape

An athletic tape is strong enough to hold bones together and speed up the healing process.

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These tapes, in my opinion, would hardly be torn by the blade if used properly. Wrap the preferred portion of the blade with athletic tape; you can wrap it as much as you want as long as it is safe for you.

Divide the blade into two or Four segment

For safe hiding of the blade, it is safer to divide the blade into segments. you can decide to make it into two or four segments.

you can’t hide a whole blade under your tongue. so cutting it would make your experiment end well.

Coat the preferred segment with the athletic tape

The next step is to apply athletic tape to one-half or quarter of the blade. Get the Kinesiology Tape, also known as K Tape, which is used by athletes and physiotherapists to treat sprains, strains, and other muscle and joint ailments in a variety of sports.

hide the coated blade to the upper back molar or check in the mouth

You can also conceal it on the outside of your gums, nestled in your cheek. Keep the blade upright, against your teeth, and be extremely careful.

Razor blades were frequently concealed by Cholas under their tongues or in their hair, especially when attending events or clubs. Girls rarely undergo pat-downs while guys do; so for self-defense, they’ll have to hide a razor blade in their mouth. However, this was in the 1990s. no longer as common.

Holding razor blades in your mouth could be very dangerous. People who practice this have very large mouths and if you don’t, it is advisable not to try this. Your body would appreciate it if you chose a different course of action if you’re looking for a way to defend yourself.

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How to hide and spit razor blades out.


This was a guide on how to hide razor under tongue. What do you think about this article? you can share your contribution in the comment section provided below.

Source: randomtalks | Read also: To know about PS5 and 2TB SSD

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