How To Hide Page On A Website In 4 Minutes Guide With Video
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How to hide page on a website in 4 Minutes Guide with Video

how to hide page on a website 2022

Are you a car merchant who already has an automotive website builder demo registered on and would like to hide a page? Or a starter that would deliberately want to create a free car dealer website for his/her automobile sales business in

Worry less because this guide would give you a clear insight about some basic procedures to follow and also how to hide page on a website. website is a home for all car dealers, who are looking for a better avenue to display their new and used cars that are ready for sale. 

Today, advertising and marketing are vital things that every entrepreneur must engage in. Without this, one might not be able to make more sales and profit. So to make sales and profit, the use of a website builder that is basically for car dealers is needed.

Hence, entrepreneurs make use of the car website to beat the competition and grab more sales and income. But then, there come the issues of appearing high or number one on the Google search engine. 

There are certain requirements and optimization that must be carried out carefully to rank on Google and that’s hiding some pages on the website. 

Hiding some pages on the website would improve the shopping experience for your customers and that would naturally lead them to the next step in their buying process, with no hassle. 

Here’s an advanced guide that would teach you how to hide page on a website. Make sure you read carefully and understand every sentence, before carrying them out. But first, let’s analyze what the website is all about and how to create a new website with them.

Meaning of a website and How does it work?

A digital marketing tool called assists automobile companies in creating websites with content that can be customized to promote incentives and increase engagement.

You can build campaign strategies, homepage banners, unique landing pages, digital advertisements, and more to promote stocks using the website.

One of the main importance of is that it allows you to use social media handles to maintain your brand reputation and gain insight into website performance, and also enables you to improve your search engine performance.’s real-time bidding platform enables administrators to monitor visitors’ browsing habits and increase page engagement in real-time.

To retarget customers and generate leads, you can also use this information to analyze the effectiveness of previously published advertisements. Businesses can integrate the system with a variety of third-party programs through, including LiveChat, AutoLeadStar, TrueCar, CallSource, and others. 

If you want to protect a specific webpage or other sensitive information, this post will show you how to hide a page on the website effectively.

Here’s How to hide page on a website in 2022

To hide a page on, follow these steps below

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1. Log into Your dashboard

The first step to concealing your preferred page is to log in to your credentials appropriately. If you forgot your password you can click on forget password and a new password would be generated for you.

2. Select the page You wish to hide

Next is to search for the page you want to hide. Maybe a page to an already sold car or anything else. It is advisable to be careful when selecting a page to hide because this procedure might prevent search engines from crawling that page.

3. Click on Hide This page Link

If you can’t find the link to hide the page, then do this, on your computer click and hold on Ctrl and S. This would prompt a search bar where you can sear5 for the hide this page link.

But if you don’t have a laptop, you can click on the upper right side of your chrome browser, locate the search page, then follow the procedure.

Then to make the page invisible, click on the hide button then save your changes. That is how to successfully hide a page on website.

To know if your page is hidden, try leaving your dashboard and searching for that page.

Contacting support is another way to make a specific page on the website invisible. The best way to hide a page is to contact website support because you won’t have to make a mistaken website setting.

Here are some benefits of hiding a page

As one of the best dealer websites for car merchants, hiding a page has some specific importance or benefits and they are listed below:

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1. It assists you in keeping your website clean and organized. This makes google bot indexation easy and efficient. 

2. People avoid accidentally viewing pages they are not supposed to view, for example, out of sales care.

3. It allows you to have more control over who has access to certain areas of your website that are hosted on dealer websites.

Here’s how to hide the social media icon on

Hiding your social media icon is not advisable because your customers would reach you through that medium. And also you could make more sales.

But if the social media icons are distracting your customers, you can simply hide them by disabling the links from your HTML code footers.

How much does a car dealership website cost

To Design a full car dealership website cost ranges from $1000 to $2000, depending on the kind of design and layout you want.

That is why has decided to assist most car dealers in cutting costs by offering a way to create a website for as little as $99. If you request a demo, you might even get a free trial.

if you’re unable to to hide the page yourself, you can watch this video below and follow steps


This was a guide on how to hide a page on website in 2022. Hope it was helpful and educational, if so don’t forget to share, like, and comment below.

source: Randomtalks

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