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How to get Loans for people under Debt Review South Africa 2022

by Favour James
Loans For People Under Debt Review


  • How to get loans for people under debt review south africa
  • what are debt review client
  • What happens when you go under debt review
  • List of guaranteed debt review loan sharks

Are you under debt review in South Africa and need a loan urgently? Worry less, because I’ll be showing some quick tips to get loan even when you’re blacklisted.

South Africans are using debt counselling to resolve their financial worries by undergoing loan debt review and yet i understand that many people would still need a loan urgently to kick start their business ideas or a startup program.

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loans under debt review south africa
Loans for people under debt review south Africa

According to TransUnion Q1 2022 statistics, it show’s that 88% of consumers considered access to credit and lending products important to achieve their financial goals and also when it comes to paying current bills and loans, 56% said they’ll be able to pay them in full, well, that’s a 10% improvement from Q1 2021. 

While people who considered applying for new or refinancing existing credit stated they ultimately decided against it due to fear of being declined for low income and employment status and the cost of new credit or refinancing being too high.

TransUnion’s quarterly study looks at how people’s personal finances have evolved over time and what they expect to change in the future. Based on the dynamics of income, debt, and identity theft.

Even when everyone wants to control how they repay bills or loans by undergoing debt review, the fact remains that many consumers are still under severe financial pressure, and would still need to acquire a loan to keep them moving.

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So here in this article I have decided to give you information on getting loans for people under debt review South Africa. But before I tell you everything in detail, firstly what is Debt Review?

What is Debt Review and how does it works

what is debt review and how does it works
What is Under Debt Review

If you need to get loans for people under debt review, then you need to take action. Here’s how debt review works, and how it could help.

What does debt review mean? It is a legal method of getti6 free from your past loan debt. You can file for debt review if you are over-indebted and struggling to satisfy or pay your debt obligations. 

If you are under debt review, it means you have appointed a debt counsellor who has deemed you over indebted and in need of a structured repayment plan.

An experienced debt counsellor will assist you in evaluating your financial condition and developing a reasonable repayment plan that allows you to meet your living expenses as well. Professional debt counsellors are registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and must follow precise ethical guidelines while working with clients. 

What happens when you go under debt review is that the National Credit Regulator (NCR) informs all credit bureaus that you are undergoing debt review once you agree to it. Except for your bond or home loan, you will not be allowed or able to take on any additional debt until all of your current debts have been paid off. But there are still certain organisations that offer loans for people under debt review.

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How do I clear my debt review in South Africa?

how do i clear my debt review loan
How to clear your Debt Review

The Debt Counsellor will give a Clearance Certificate once the customer has paid all of the debt restructuring responsibilities, after which the Credit Bureaus will remove the Debt Review status from the consumer’s credit profile.

In addition, to get rid of debt review for free and also have the debt review notice removed from your credit score, you’ll have to get a court application to enable them to find out that you are no longer over indebted. 

And you can’t terminate the debt review process when you apply, consumers can only exit debt review through issuance of a clearance certificate after they have paid all their re-arranged debts in full. 

The effect of this provision is that in instances where a home loan formed part of the debt review application, consumers have to remain under debt review for the duration of the home loan term even after settling re-arranged short term debts. 

How long does it take for your name to be cleared from debt review?

Debt review can provide the support you need to get your finances in order and It can also take a while to become debt-free. Apart from the fact that there’s no specific time allotted to the review to be completed, some certain factors can be determined.

These factors include the amount of debt that you have and how much you can afford to repay each month, changes in your financial situation while in debt review and also your personal commitment towards repaying your debt. 

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Furthermore, the more debt you accumulate makes it longer and seems harder to pay off. It could take upto 4,6,7 and more months to complete the process depending on how serious you are, before you can be declared debt-free, and get your clearance certificate.

Getting loans for people under debt review South Africa

loans for people under debt review south africa
loan for people under debt review

How to get a loan while under debt review in south africa: The main fact here is that you cannot get a loan while under debt review because the National Credit Act (NCR), mandated it that every registered and reputable South African financial institution is prevented from giving you credit because you’re over-indebted and your credit score has been flagged all over legit credit bureaus while still struggling to pay back your loans. 

But mostly one can still get online loans for debt review clients but this is totally against the National Credit Regulator (NCR) law. If any online or credit bureaus gives loans to people who are under debt review,they go against the law and are guilty of reckless lending.

And If you continued to request for loan or cash during the debt review process your debt would spiral out of control and you would be unable to make the committed repayments which could hurt you in future by restraining you from getting loans.

Where to get a loan if under debt review In South Africa 2022? 

How to get Loans for people under Debt Review South Africa 2022

There are however a variety of unregistered online loan companies that are ready to give you loan while under debt review, they are often tagged as sharks and reckless lending companies within the market. It’s likely that these online loans for debt review clients are looking to harvest money out of you by taking advantage of your vulnerability and can have incredibly high-interest rates.

Do you really want to know where you can get a R5000 loan even if you are under debt review? Well, I know it’s too hard to live when there’s no money, so in the next section we’ll be discussing about places to get loans.

What Should I do If I can’t get loan during Debt Review 

The answer to this is for you to be patient. Debt reviews help you to learn your lesson and save you from property loss. Once you are released from debt review, you will be able to take on more credit and hopefully would have learnt not to repeat the same mistakes. 

The National Credit Act introduced debt review as a debt relief measure for over-indebted consumers. The NCA sets This process to take time in order to rehabilitate your spending habits, the best practice is to see your debt review to completion, and stick to the process. 

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List of Loans For People Under Debt Review in South Africa

When you’re under debt review, here are some types of loan that you can apply for and still gain access. Remember that you are going against the NRC law and you might also have to pay a higher interest rate to this loan shark and violators.

Here are some loans you can take when undergoing debt review in South Africa.

  1. Payday Loans
  2. Personal Loans
  3. Consolidation Loans
  4. Title Loans
  5. Pawn Shop Loans

I’ll be giving some clear definitions of these loans and how you can get them.

1. Payday loans for debt review clients

How to get Loans for people under Debt Review South Africa 2022
Payday loan for debt review clients

Payday loans are one of the quickest ways to get loans for people under debt review in south africa. They are short-term loans or salary loans for small amounts of money which are available from high street shops and payday online loan sites. This type of loan is usually characterised by high interest rates.

Payday loans can be easy to get but interest rates are very high. The basic loan process involves a lender providing a short-term unsecured loan to be repaid at the borrower’s next payday i.e, when you acquire this kind of loan, you’ll have to pay back at the end of the month.

You should note that not all cash lenders would be willing to give you this loan if they noticed you are under debt review. But others who are interested in making a profit out of you will definitely help you secure the loan and you’ll start paying by the end of the month with a high interest rate.

Disadvantages of getting a Payday loan when under debt review

  • Payday Loans Are Very Expensive  with a high interest rate of 28 to 36%.
  • You’ll be going against the law of NCA
  • You might still be unable to repay the loan.

2. Personal Loans under debt review

How to get Loans for people under Debt Review South Africa 2022
Personal Loan for Debt Review people south africa

Personal Loan, which is also known as a consumer loan is a multi-purpose loan, which you can use to meet any of your immediate needs. These loans are paid back in monthly instalments or in a few years, depending on how you want to repay.

Some online loans for debt review clients provide this kind of service. And you can simply walk up to such a company and get your loan.

Remember that, acquiring other loans while you’re still under debt review is hazardous and unlawful. The NCA specifies that people under debt review are prohibited from applying for loans while they are still over-indebted.

3. Consolidation Loans

How to get Loans for people under Debt Review South Africa 2022
Easiest loans for people under debt review south africa

Debt consolidation, the process of combining two or more loans into one big loan. This means that your various debts, whether they are credit card bills or loan payments, are rolled into one monthly payment. This may be a way to simplify or lower payments and interest but this does not mean your debt has been erased.

Getting a consolidation loan could be the best method for getting a loan while under debt review. But the National Credit Act (NCA) goes against this, applying for a debt consolidation loan for people under debt review is deemed to be reckless lending. 

Is Consolidation loan the same as Debt Review?

No they are not the same, Debt Review will consolidate all your debt without you having to take out a new loan or paying for a higher interest rate but Debt consolidation on the other hand will require you to acquire a loan that will settle all your combined debt and you’ll then start paying for your consolidation loan. 

You can use consolidation loan to get out of debt review as fast as possible but is it wise to think through before engaginging in such act.

Disadvantages of getting debt consolidation loan

  • It is not accessible to everyone
  • If your credit score is below 700, you might not be opportune to get the best interest rate as as you might be paying interest that are classically higher
  • If you have poor credit, you will not get approved for the loan.

4. Title Loans for clients under Debt Review

How to get Loans for people under Debt Review South Africa 2022
Tittle loans

If you take out a car title loan in South Africa, you’re essentially pawning off your vehicle. Unscrupulous loan sharks will take advantage of your situation.

 If you don’t repay the loan on time, the lender will repossess the car and or even if you wish to extend your service of repayments, they’ll add interest and fees which is expected to be higher than before.

5. Pawn Shop Loans

How to get Loans for people under Debt Review South Africa 2022

Pawn Shop loans are a fast way to get money in South Africa. The pawnbroker isn’t worried about your credit report or the fact that you’re under debt review. If you fail to pay it back, you lose your asset and make a huge profit at your expense.

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To get credit from a pawnbroker, you have to bring them a valuable asset, such as a TV or a laptop and they pay about a third or half the amount of the asset. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get a Loan Under Debt Review

You cannot get any loan when you’re undergoing debt review. You need to avoid loans at all costs when you are under debt because you might be going against the NCR law and still fall for higher interest loan company.

How long does it take for your name to be cleared from debt review?

There are several factors that determine the duration for your Debt Review. In most cases in all depends on the amount of money you’re oweing, your source of income, spending habit and also your determination to pay off your debt. For most people they see to completion under 12-30 months.

How do I get rid of debt review for free?

If you wan to get rid of debt review for free, the only responsible way is to complete your debt review and stick to the process with determination and time.

Where to get a loan if under debt review

While under debt review, you are not expected to strive to get a loan. Although many dubious lender would want to do so because of the profit they’ll get from you but you’ll be going against NCR Debt Review law.

Can i get a loan if i’m under debt review

The simple answer here is that you cannot get a loan while under debt review, because while under debt review your credit profile will be flagged across all credit bureaus, and this will prevent responsible lenders to approve your loan application.

Online loans for debt review clients

If you’re eager to get a loan while under review, you can contact any online loan platform and also be ready for higher interest rates.

How to Get short term loans under debt review

A short term loan is a type of loan that is obtained to support a temporary personal or business capital. The truth here is that you are not eligible to get Short term loans while under going debt review.

How do I know if my name is under debt review

You can pull one free credit report yearly at any of the credit bureaus, i.e. TransUnion, Experian etc. And if the bureaus have not removed the flag, it will be displayed on the front page of your credit report.

What happens if I lose my job while under debt review?

If you’ve lost your job while you’re under debt review, you’ll have to notify your debt counsellor immediately and also providing proof of loss job.

Can you be blacklisted if you are under debt review?

You will not be blacklisted if you’re under debt review. If you’re under debt review, your creditors will view your decision as an attempt to restore your financial situation. This is one of the importance of going under debt review.

Can I pay my creditors directly while under debt review?

Yes, You can work directly with your credit providers if you are having a short-term cash flow problem and you reach an agreement in writing with them to start paying off your debts.

What happens to your home loan when you go under debt review?

Once a consumer’s unsecured debt obligations have been eliminated, the home loan can revert back to it’s pre debt review levels.

Can you go to jail for debt in South Africa?

You cannot go to jail for not paying your debts when there is a judgment against you.


I know getting loan would help you support your day to day activities but while under debt review I’ll advise you not to get loan so you don’t add more work load to yourself. The National Credit Act introduced debt review as a debt relief measure for over-indebted consumers. This is a statutory process which is only conducted by registered debt counsellors.

So if you’re having any issues or going through hard time during your debt review the best person to talk to is your counsellor. So this is all I know about ways to get loans for people under debt review South Africa 2022.

Do you have any questions to ask? Information add to this article, toy can simply used out contact us page or kindly use the comments section below and don’t forget to share this article with your loved ones.

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