How To Drop Charges Against My Boyfriend 2022 [video]
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How To Drop Charges Against My Boyfriend 2022 [video]

How to drop charges against my boyfriend 2022

How to drop charges against my boyfriend Now! Are you attempting to get a case against your partner dropped because he caused you great pain? But you would not let him lose his professional license out of love. This guide would help you achieve that and I have also linked a video to watch too and the end of the article.

Do you want to avoid filing domestic violence accusations against your boyfriend and instead successfully drop the charges? Oh, several procedures must be followed before you can withdraw accusations against your partner and persuade prosecutors to drop charges as well.

You must understand that requesting that the police drop a charge against your partner may be extremely risky, especially in a domestic violence case.

You could face consequences for lying or making false claims. Every charge that has reached the police station may be difficult to dismiss; they decide how to get domestic violence charges dropped.

So, stop asking how to drop charges against my boyfriend because I’ll be giving you every little detail you might need to dismiss the domestic violence charge from your partner. But Before then, let’s take a look at what domestic violence is all about and how the law sees it.

Meaning of d0mestic v!olence 2022

D0mestic vi0lence can also be referred to as ‘intimate partner violence. It can be defined as any pattern of behavior used to gain or maintain power and control over an intimate partner in any relationship or otherwise.

This includes any actions that frighten, intimidate, terrorize, manipulate, injure, humiliate, blame or injure another person.

Domestic violence can affect anyone, regardless of race, age, sexual orientation, religion, or gender.

It can happen in a variety of relationships, including married people living together, or dating couples.

People who are affected during this time will rush to file a case against their opponent to demonstrate their only strength. They may want to withdraw their claims primarily out of affection, but they may be too late or have only a slim chance of approval. 

If you’re in such a condition, you should know how to convince the prosecutor to drop charges and free your partner. But then, there are certain policies governing the police board on dropping charges, especially domestic violence or assault. It is called the police policy on domestic violence.

Police Policy on D0mestic Vi0lence charge dropping

Domestic violence is a serious crime that causes irreversible damage in every sector of life and is linked to approximately 39.9% of all homicides that have been recorded.

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As a result, the Police Force is committed to reducing domestic and family violence and providing victims with a prompt and appropriate response to this complex crime.

The Code of Practice reflects the Police Force’s commitment to encouraging trust and confidence among victims of personal violence. 

In summary of its policy: Do not think that you can drop a charge against your partner from the police even when you want to do so. Only police can withdraw domestic violence charges because they are the ones who filed them.

Even if you do not want criminal charges brought against you, police can still charge you and seek an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO). This policy was created to protect you, despite being victims of domestic violence, still want to defend your abusers.

As a result, police will frequently refuse to withdraw domestic violence charges or an AVO unless you hire an experienced domestic violence lawyer who can provide good reasons why they should.

But then there are still hopeful ways to go about this dilemma and that’s exactly what I’ll be showing you below

How To Drop Charges Against My Boyfriend

How to drop charges against my boyfriend

This procedure may be applicable if you live in any of the following countries: the United States, South Africa, India, Australia, and the United Kingdom, to name a few.

If your boyfriend got arrested for domestic violence you might have to write a letter, to convince the prosecutor to drop charges. In another way hire a legit lawyer, I’ll tell you how in 4 simple means

1. Get a professional lawyer

One of the most effective methods to get your boyfriend out of your violence charges is to hire an attorney. You should be represented by a criminal defense lawyer, who would meet with the prosecutor to discuss why your charge should be withdrawn.

Tell the lawyer why you need the charge to be withdrawn. It is advisable not to lie in this condition unless you also want to be arrested.

If your full side of the story is presented to the prosecutor by a criminal lawyer who knows the law, this can help you in getting your domestic violence charges dropped.

To make this process simple, you can also get a domestic violence lawyer for your boyfriend too. Merge them, tell them what they need to know, and note that, giving them all detailed information would assist them to discuss better with the prosecutor.

If you take the process seriously and legally, then it would be a solution to get charges dropped before the court date. What happens if charges are dropped before the court is that your boyfriend won’t have to go to court or face any associated penalties that may arise.

Remember that each country’s policy differs, if you’re seeking to get charges dropped for domestic violence against my boyfriend in Australia, this might not be a perfect procedure, as I would advise you to do more research.

Should specialized lawyers know how to drop charges against my boyfriend? Yes globally, specialized attorneys can help you speak to your prosecutor to drop charges against your partner and save your relationship.

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Follow these steps below for an effective procedure on how to convince prosecutors to drop charges against your boyfriend:

i. Make arrangements with your boyfriend’s lawyer to meet with your independent lawyer.

ii. Your lawyer can draft a retraction statement or letter on your boyfriend’s behalf.

iii. Serve this letter or statement on the cops and the defendant’s attorney.

iv. The defendant’s attorney prepares written representations to police to have domestic violence charges dropped.

In addition, a defendant or their attorney can convince the prosecutors to drop charges in several different ways. Examples include the absence of probable cause, the introduction of mitigating circumstances, the presentation of police rights violations, and many more.

2. Write a recant statement to drop domestic violence charges against your boyfriend

Do you know how to write a recant statement, if you can’t kindly do some research about that? Writing a recent letter is one of the best-proven ways to withdraw charges against your boyfriend.

write a recant statement

What is a recant statement and how to write one

A recant is simply taking back some part of your reported statement as untrue or all of some facts that you have told to the police because you want them to drop charges against your loved one or anyone else.

Recanting is most common during the cars of domestic violence or assault. When recanting make sure you’re very careful as some words might be used against you.

When writing a recant letter, you should be very careful because If you provide a false statement to the police you can also be charged.

To carry on with this procedure, it is advisable to seek legal advice too. If you don’t know how to write a successful recant letter you can ask your lawyer for help.

3. Call them and tell them you’re not pressing charges

This is a risky yet funny way to dismiss domestic violence charges against someone. While I was doing some research about this topic, I came across a man on Quora, who narrated how he used this method to get the prosecutor to drop charges.

He narrated, “Call them and tell them you’re not pressing charges. If they press the issue and make you go to court every question they ask you answer I can’t recall and your man will not be convicted”.

But don’t be deceived, it all depends on where you live and the law governing that geographical area for domestic or assault violence.

For example, charges are brought by the attorney general or the prosecutor in Washington State. Without approaching the court and contesting the prosecution, the victim cannot get the accusations dropped.

Domestic violence is a crime that affects public safety and victims are protected even if they believe the abuser’s assurances and lies of never hurting them again or otherwise.

4. File an affidavit of non-prosecution

To drop a charge against your boyfriend, you’ll need to file an affidavit of non-prosecution form. This process would also require a lawyer who is specialized in the subject matter.

In one sentence, an affidavit is a statement that you wouldn’t want to pursue the case anymore. States like Texas allow you to file an affidavit but others might not agree to these terms.

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So when trying to file for a non-prosecution form make sure to check for the current laws abiding in your geographical area. If you don’t know how to write an affidavit, tell your lawyer and he would help.

A lawyer or attorney is necessary to get it because he’ll guide you on how not to put yourself into trouble or charges from your original report.

If you can afford or find a lawyer, you can get another low-cost or free representative. For example, a non-governmental organization who are specialized in relationship affairs might help in this case.

When writing your affidavit of non-prosecution make sure you focus on evidence that makes the crime your boyfriend committed less severe.

Make sure you draft your affidavit yourself or have a lawyer do it for you before submitting it. You may have to pay a charge in some states to submit your affidavit to the district or county court reviewing the case.

How to successfully recant a domestic violence statement

To successfully recant a domestic violence statement, you must not try to lie and make sure you get an attorney by your side. An attorney is necessary to get it because he’ll guide you on how not to put yourself into trouble or charges from your original report.

how do I drop charges against my boyfriend

The best way to drop a charge against your boyfriend is to get an attorney that would convince the prosecutors to drop charges in several different ways. Examples include the absence of probable cause, the introduction of mitigating circumstances, the presentation of police rights violations, and many more.

How to get charges dropped before a court date

What happens if someone wants to drop charges is that he has to do that before the court date. So to get a case resolved before a court date, convince the prosecutor to drop the case by providing exculpatory evidence. 

This means you’ll have to prove that the defendant is not or no more guilty of the crime they are being accused of committing.

how to convince a prosecutor to drop charges

What you have to do to drop charges against someone is not to immediately report them. And if you’ve already done so, contact the prosecutor and tell him the reasons why you want the charge to be dropped.

It all depends on him, depends on if he agrees or not. Mostly in domestic violence cases, it is very hard to drop cases.

Can I drop assault charges against my boyfriend

Yes, you can drop assault charges against your boyfriend. One of the best steps to take is to contact a professional attorney who specializes in crime or violence cases. He’ll tell you what procedures to take. He might either ask you to submit a non-prosecution form or talk to the prosecutor himself.


This was a guide on how to drop charges against my boyfriend. Hope it was helpful and don’t forget to share and also ask your question here.

A video guide to drop charges against your boyfriend

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