Instant Invest On MTN Stocks: How To Buy MTN Shares In Nigeria 2022

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Get to know how to buy MTN shares in Nigeria today: MTN Nigeria was listed to be part of the Nigerian stock exchange in May 2019 and ever since then over N1.8 Trillion was added to the market cap of the exchange. During this period many Nigerians looked forward to implementing this opportunity of buying or investing in mtn shares.

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But this Investment plan wasn’t successful for Nigerians because the market was already filled up, that is, the shares were tightly held by the MTN Group. Based on estimation, 79% of it was held by this group but is now willing to sell up to 575 million shares to all retail investors, offering priced at N169.00 per share.

MTN Group aims to reduce its shareholding in MTN Nigeria from 78.8 percent to 65 percent over time as reflected in the Offer. The Offer’s goal was to give as many Nigerian retail investors as possible the option to purchase MTN Nigeria shares. 

Who can buy the MTN shares on offer: Anyone above 18 years of age is eligible to buy the MTN shares on offer, but then, you’ll need to get appropriate procedures on how you can purchase the stock. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to give you clear details on how to buy MTN shares in Nigeria 2022 but first let’s check out some benefits of buying MTN shares in Nigeria.

What Are The Benefit Of Buying Mtn Shares in Nigeria

There are numerous benefits of purchasing or investing in MTN shares. Apart from owning part of the company and ability to vote on important annual general meetings as a shareholder, you’ll also get real-time dealing throughout the trading day with limited orders available when markets are closed.

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In addition, the most interesting benefit is that you’ll receive dividends either as income or Re-investment to buy more shares. The MTN share will create jobs for regular Nigerians, reducing poverty and of course, Nigerians will no longer want MTN to fail because they are now co-owners. 

Now that we’ve seen why it is important to buy the MTN shares, let’s get back to knowing how to buy MTN shares in Nigeria.

Guidelines on How To Buy Mtn Shares In Nigeria

The Offer’s goal is to give as many Nigerian retail investors as possible the option to buy MTN Nigeria shares.

Where to buy mtn shares in Nigeria: To get your portion of shares, there are two steps you can follow. You can register by obtaining the registration form by visiting the PrimaryOffer website or buying the shares directly from the MTN app (PrimaryOffer app).  Both are the same process but different procedures.

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You can create an account as an individual investor or as a receiving agent, but for beginners registering as an individual is best.

Below are the actual procedures on how to buy and invest in Mtn Nigeria as an individual investor.

Step 1: Download PrimaryOffer App

MTN seeks to take advantage of digital integration to ensure substantial participation from investors across Africa’s most populous nation. Getting the PrimaryOffer app has been confirmed to be the safest and fastest way that you can buy MTN shares in Nigeria. 

The app is available for both Android devices, which can be downloaded from Google Playstore and also available for Apple’s devices and could be accessed from the iOS store.

Step 2: Verifying your Account

To get your account ready to start purchasing shares after successful integration, you’ll need to verify your account using your BVN details, i.e, your Bank Verification Number and date of birth would all be collected.

After creating an account, you should receive an email or text with a six-digit verification code. The account will be ready to trade once the code is entered into the app. 

Why is your BVN Needed

Your bank verification number is required just for the account verification process and it ensures easy and safe transactions are carried out by the platform. In addition, it is legally required as part of the Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process and it does not grant access to bank accounts.

The app is 99.9% safe and your private information is safe, so don’t be afraid. 

Step 3: Funding your Account 

To buy shares, you’ll need to credit your PrimaryOffer account with the amount you wish to spend on investment. You can also view your past transactions for accountability

Here is a tutorial account that was deposited with just 200 and would only buy a portion of the share for N169.00.

Step 4: Buying Mtn Shares In Nigeria

How to invest in Mtn Nigeria: Buying your portion of stocks is the next step to follow as you will be required to indicate the number of units you would like to buy and the minimum that you can buy is 20 units. 

Once you indicate the number of units that you want, the PrimaryOffer app will automatically display the cost for the units you selected.

BusinessDay blog gave an example of how the app operates. ” For instance, if an investor is buying 200 units of the MTN Public offer selling at N169, the App will display the total amount such an individual is expected to pay – N33,800.”

Accept the terms of the purchase and then proceed to payment. A Central Securities Clearing System Plc (CSCS) number will be required. If you don’t already have one, the App will ask you to generate a CSCS account number before continuing.

You will receive a confirmation email after submitting the full application on the PrimaryOffer App. A copy of the application form and proof of payment will also be sent to you by the platform.

Buying shares from MTN using the Stockbrokers Receiving Agent

The MTN stocks are already listed and traded on the Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX). Receiving Agents are also legalised to help in the purchase of the MTN shares.

Apart from this, House issuing Companies, Stockbrokers, and approved banks listed on the Pricing Supplement are authorized to assist in completing and receiving your applications for the MTN Offer. In addition, the MTN MoMo agents have also been trained to assist investors and provide guidance on using PrimaryOffer apply.

How you can buy shares from MTN through Receiving Agents

1. Locate any of their offices, obtain the application form, submit the completed Application Form and make payment to a Receiving Agent.

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2. The Receiving Agent has to cross-check the details and confirm payment for the actual number of shares you are willing to buy, then issue an acknowledgment copy of the Application Form.

3. The receiving agent is mandated to submit your details on the PrimaryOffer app, following every procedure we have stated above. Then you’ll receive a notification from PrimaryOffer once the application is submitted by the Receiving Agent

4. It is mandatory to keep a copy of the completed Application Form and proof of payment bearing the date and time stam for recording and tracking purposes.

You can buy shares for someone else using this approach if you know the beneficiary’s information, such as their BVN and CSCS account number. For future e-payments, such as dividends, you’ll also need to enter the beneficiary’s bank account information.

Is Buying Mtn Shares A Good Investment

Buying MTN shares is one of the best investments anyone can ever think of. Looking at the rate of growth the company has experienced ever since it was launched.

It was confirmed that the company has grown astronomical since it started in 2001 and is still maintaining its leading role in the telecoms sector, especially in Nigeria.

What does that mean!

MTN as a company has strong figures and could make a good buy for retail investors because the product and services it renders would always be in high demand because people would always find a need to communicate and above all, there are no crowded investors as its entry barriers are quite large and vigorous.

Should I buy MTN shares now?

Yes, now is a perfect time to purchase your stocks from MTN company by following the steps mentioned above. Here are some reasons why you need to get your shares from MTN now.

Take Nigeria for an example, the number of data usage is becoming so alarming because more digital knowledge is being dispersed. The country is one of the most populated in Africa and would yield great returns on product sales and services. In addition, data consumption will increase even more as we go more digital and revenue from data consumption continues to increase quarter after quarter.

Furthermore, the MTN company is already in the financial space. Guess what!, after it got approval from the Central Bank of Nigeria to operate a payment service bank, its share price shot up to 200 per unit instead of the normal 169.00. So buying MTN shares is a good investment and I’ll urge you to do so now if you still have access to them.

Making Money From the Mtn Shares

Trust me you can gain massively if you buy Mtn shares. Apart from that, there is a promotion in the form of one free share for every 20 shares purchased and held for 12 months from the time the shares are allocated to subscribers, shares can generate income through capital appreciation and dividends.

When you invest in shares, you can expect to profit from capital appreciation, which is the increase in the value of your capital (the original investment) as the share price rises.

To help you understand how you can make more money from buying MTN shares or stocks, I have embedded a video that explains much about the stock at the end of this article. You can do well to watch it.

How Much Are Mtn Shares Now In Nigeria

Initially, the price for each share on Offer is N169.00 but as shares continue to be traded on NGX, the current market price can increase and at the time of writing this article, the MTN share is sold at N208.50 with an increase in price by 1.21% (N2.50). The image below gives clear information about that.

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Why is the current market price not used as the basis for the price of the Offer?

The price of the shares was determined at the end of a bookbuild process that took into account the volume of demand for the shares in the Bookbuild, current market conditions, the need to ensure an orderly after-market, the market price of MTN Nigeria shares immediately before the close of the bookbuild, the volume-weighted average price (VWAP) of MTN Nigeria shares over the previous two months, and an ownership base of long-term shareholders to determine a fair price.

A bookbuild is a process of discovery used to understand demand and price sentiment for an offer from qualified institutional investors.

The process is coordinated by the transaction managers (the Issuing Houses), who use the information from the bookbuild process to determine a fair price at which the shares will be sold to all interested investors.

Is Mtn Still Selling Shares | Can I Still Buy Mtn Shares in 2022

Currently the MTN shares are not on sale now. The series 1 offer opens at 8:00 am on Wednesday, December 1, 2021, and closes at 5:00 pm on December 14, 2022. 

The first offer for sale shares of 575 million shares held by MTN Group in MTN Nigeria to Nigerian investors has been oversubscribed by 139% with valid applications for a total of 801.97 million units, leading to the activation of the approved 15% over-subscription clause of an additional 86.25 million units of shares.

According to the CEO of MTN Nigeria, Karl Toriola, he was delighted to welcomeso many new shareholders to MTN family, up 11.6 times from the number before the offer. This is the beginning of a journey to broaden our shareholding and there will be more opportunities to participate.

Well be updating the information when the series two would begin. To get updates kindly subscribe to our newsletter by submitting your email or hit the notification Bell below this article, so you’ll get all update on MTN Shares.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are questions that people who are interested in buying the MTN shares in Nigeria do ask and I think it would be of great importance to you too.

Can Non Nigerians Apply for the MTN shares

If you’re not a Nigerian citizen and would also be eager to purchase the shares, you’ll need a valid BVN and other necessary details would be collected from you.

What age can buy the MTN shares on offer?

Anyone above 18 years of age is eligible to buy the MTN shares on offer. Applicants must apply for a minimum of 20 shares and multiples of 20 shares thereafter and also applicants must have a valid BVN to register and submit an application on PrimaryOffer including a CHN or CSCS account.

Here is a video that explains how making money with the MTN stock could be possible. Check it out.

How to buy MTN shares in Nigeria in 2022 to make money


MTN is committed to expanding the Company’s local shareholder base by allowing as many Nigerians as possible to become MTN Nigeria owners.

The Offer’s major goal is to increase and broaden local ownership in MTN Nigeria, therefore it is structured to entice as many Nigerians as possible to join and offers incentive shares to investors who participate.

This is as much information we could cover on how to buy MTN shares in Nigeria for 2022. Do you have any additional information that you really want to share or confirm, please do well to use the comments section or follow our contact us page

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