Exposed! See How You Can Get Easy Pay Sassa Loans Online Today 2022
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Exposed! See how you can get Easy Pay Sassa Loans online Today 2022

Easy Pay Sassa Loans

Easy Pay Sassa Loans: Money is essential to all humans of all categories, either from the government sector or individual sector. Enough money is needed to meet basic needs including food, clothing and shelter. Apart from that, setting up a new business idea can’t be achieved without money. 

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So what if there’s no money? Then the idea of getting sassa loans online comes to mind. Loans help an economy’s overall money supply to rise while also increasing competitiveness by financing to new businesses. 

Today in this article, we will discuss how you can get the easy pay sassa loans online, easypay cash loans, more information on easy pay sassa loans grant, easy pay sassa loans contact number and other additional information you would like to know. So now let’s get started!

What is Easy Pay Sassa Loans

Easy pay sassa loans account offers customers a comprehensive suite of financial and various financial inclusion services, such as prepaid products, in an economical, convenient and secure solution. As the name implies, the Sassa loan is easy to get and also easy to pay back with a low interest rate.

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This program is approved and set aside to help South Africans. You can enjoy a feature rich, simple, secure, and easy to use banking service with low monthly fees just on easy pay loans sassa.

How Does Sassa Loans Work

EasyPay Everywhere loans provide you with an affordable all-inclusive transactional bank account that gives you unrestricted access to financial services like microloans, life insurance, remittances, value added services like prepaid utilities, and bill payments via your mobile phone and its nationwide network of ATMs and POS devices.

The Easy Pay loans system can allow billions of people throughout the world who have limited or no access to a bank account to conduct electronic transactions with one another, government agencies, employers, retailers, and other financial service providers at a low cost.

This offline functionality means that users of the system can conduct transactions with other card holders at any time, in even the most remote locations, as long as a smart card reader is accessible, which is often portable and battery powered.

As a result, mobile phones are increasingly being seen as a way for this neglected demographic to have access to formal financial and other services.

Easy Pay Sassa Loans Online

Easy Pay Loans is also active in online transactions and payment solutions based on financial services, transaction processing services, and financial technology in a variety of growing economies across numerous industries.

Possessed broad knowledge in a secure online transaction processing, encryption, mobile telephony, integrated circuit card (chip/smart card) technology, and the design and delivery of financial and value-added services to their cardholder base.

Many nations, including South Africa, the United Kingdom, Namibia, Nigeria, Malawi, Cameroon, the Philippines, India, and Colombia, have implemented Easypay technologies such as Mobile Virtual Card, or MVC, Chip and GSM licensing, and Virtual Top Up, or VTU.

Enrollment: How to Get Easy Pay Sassa Loans

There are two basic steps to apply for the Easypay loan.

You can either apply for a loan using the USSD code *120*3737*7# and follow the prompts if you have biometrically verified your contact number at any of its branches. And you can visit any Net1 Financial Services Branch to apply. Taking along your identity document with you when you apply.

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But then before you apply for the loan you’ll need to get registered for an Easypay Everywhere account. So how can you apply for an easy sassa loan and get the green card.

How Do I Get My Easypay Everywhere account and Apply For Sassa Loan

To get an account and loan approved you must provide at a minimum your identity document, and preferably an original Proof of Address not older than three months, during enrolment. Minimum documentation can result in limited financial services being offered.

Easypay Everywhere cards are available at any Net1 Financial Services branch. You’d bring your phone, which must be able to receive SMS messages as well as your FICA information or paperwork.

FICA regulations are now a requirement for opening any new account with a financial institution in South Africa. South Africa passed the Financial Intelligence Centre Act to combat financial crime such as money laundering.

The complete process will take no more than 10 minutes once you arrive at the branch with an Easypay Everywhere adviser. Your EPE green card will be sent to you right away.

How To Borrow Money From Sassa Online

Once your registration is successful, you must meet some other requirements such as; 

  • You must have deposited cash into your EasyPay Everywhere account for at least three months.
  • You must pass the affordability requirements to qualify for a loan
  • Have required documents.

Once all this are meet, you can either apply for a loan using the USSD code *120*3737*7# and follow the prompts if you have biometrically verified your contact number at any of its branches.

What is biometric enrolment? Biometric enrolment is the process of using your fingerprint to authenticate and secure your Easypay Everywhere account so that you are the only person who can access your account and money.

Easy Pay Sassa Loans Contact Number

If you have any information you would like to ask because you’re not sure if you can contact Sassa loan customer service.

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Contact the Call Centre on 0860 994 162

And you can also send a text message/SMS to 49201 to request for information and an agent will contact you on the number from which you texted. 

Sassa Grant Payment Dates For May 2022

This applies to Pensioners Allowance, Disability Allowance, and Children’s Grants. Caregivers who get a child grant and are also eligible for the Covid-19 grant will be reimbursed using their SASSA payment card. Sassa grant payment dates for May 2022 are as follows

Old Age GrantR1 098
Old Age Grant R2 005
War Veterans GrantR2 005
Care Dependency GrantR1 985
Foster grantR1 070 from R1 050
Child support grantR480
Easy pay sassa loans grant

Easy Pay Loans Sassa Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a loan over the phone as a client of EasyPay?

Yeas you can. Although Cellphone banking uses airtime. You can either use the USSD code or the mobile banking app to apply for the loan.

loans easy pay sassa green card

You can get an EPE card at any of Net1 Financial Services branches. Just bring along your mobile phone, FICA documents and original Proof of Address (not older than three months) to show you are a member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

apply for a loan with sassa card

You can borrow money from Sassa with your card since Sassa provides grants and loans while making sure that the government can pay the grant

Loans Easy Pay Sassa Green Card

Do you have any additional information you would like to add? You can contact us or use the comments section below.

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