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20 best CDL truck driving schools in Colorado 2022

by Favour James
CDL truck driving schools in Colorado

There’s no doubt that truck driving is one of the lucrative job opportunities in Colorado, despite the fact that many people see it as a dirty job.

Truck driving is seen as a lucrative job idea and a way to make money. It has never been neglected because the carrying of goods and services across Colorado is mandatory for human survival.

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Best CDL truck driving schools in Colorado

Do you intend to become a professional truck driver in Colorado? Then getting a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) would be a great choice to make. This article covers 20 best CDL truck driving schools in Colorado in order to drive a commercial motor vehicle.

Truck Driving School Cost In Colorado

Truck driving training costs vary, it all depends on where you live in Colorado. 

The cost for learning how to drive a truck is around the range of $1300 – $7000 in a professional truck driving school. While in an average school,you might be asked to pay $1500.

Requirements for CDL truck driving schools in Colorado

Before a driver would be awarded his or her CDL, it is very important to ensure that they get legit training and advice to ensure a safe road for them and other users 

As a result, there are various standards that every truck driver must complete before hitting the open road across the country, but particularly in Colorado. The requirements are sub-divided Into two categories; Basic Eligibility and the Required Tests. Below is a full explanation of both terms

The Basic Eligibility refers to standard eligibility that one needs to meet or have before obtaining a CDL form. Such basic eligibility are stated below;

  • Provide a high school diploma or a GED.
  • Obtain a social security card
  • Provide insurance card 
  • Have a valid Class D driver’s license 
  • You must be at least 18 years old to drive inside the state and 21 years old to drive across states.
  • Successfully complete a medical examination
  • Regularly pass drug tests
  • Pass the TSA inspection

The Required Tests are set aside to check for your health, skill and knowledge.

Before getting your CDL and starting your truck driving career in Colorado, you should educate yourself with several areas of road and vehicle safety.

The knowledge examination assesses your understanding of road and safety standards applicable to your vehicle class. 

Class A and Class B Commercial Licenses For Colorado Truck Drivers

For work, there are basically 2 types of CDL (Class A and Class B) you might want to obtain it depending on the plan or the kind of school you registered for.

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Commercial Licenses For Colorado Truck Drivers

Although, there is also a “Class C” type of CDLs, which many people don’t see value for. It only allows you to drive a 16 passenger bus or and Hazmat truck

The distinction between these two is not in the method of acquisition, but in the material conditions of use. Because of this, the practice permit and the driving test will be totally different while the written test and application procedure are generally the same.

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Class A CDL

The Class A CDL allows the holder to drive for a job. Class A is mostly classified as a universal license. With it, you can drive any truck that a B or C license wouldn’t permit you to handle.

You can drive vehicles or trucks with more than two axles and weigh over 26,000 pounds.

Class B CDL

The Class B CDL allows you to operate a single vehicle weighing 26,000 pounds and towed vehicles that weigh less than 10,000 pounds.

With this license you can operate on School buses and city buses or buses that are segmented such as lorries and dumping trucks.

Want to get your own commercial drivers license  and start making money? Here are 20 best CDL truck driving schools in Colorado that you can obtain now.

Best CDL Truck Driving Schools In Colorado 2022

1 . Northern Colorado Truck Driving Academy

The CDL driving school is the first on my list. Their goal is to help drivers succeed by educating them with the knowledge and skills which are  necessary to obtain a CDL pass.

The tutorial is a four week training program calculated to be 150 Hours. You’ll gain access to a 20 hours video lesson,an 88 hours of outdoor skill checking,another 40 hours of driving skills training and also teach you how to apply for jobs with your Class A CDL.

2. Southwest Colorado Community College

Southwest Colorado Community College is one of the best driving schools to obtain your CDL in Colorado.

This school is dedicated to providing high-quality professional CDL training to meet the demands of this rapidly growing industry. If you register, you’ll learn how to succeed as a professional CDL truck driver in the Colorado trucking industry.

You’ll spend a total of 160 hour getting your CDL training which you can complete within 4 to 8 weeks. 

3. Springs Truck Driving School

This is one of the best CDL truck driving schools that you can enroll in. Its aim is to provide quality CDL truck driving lessons for commercial drivers.

Students are expected to perform well in order to pass and obtain the Commercial Driver License (CDL), so as to be able to get jobs and engage oneself in the transportation industry within and outside Colorado.

4. Sage Truck Driving School

Sage offers different courses to fit your schedule and needs. You can also get a one day course from this school by studying a guide for the CDL permit test and then going to the DMV to pass the CDL test.

Apart from a one day plan, there is also a one week course which you can take and get your CDL instantly in Colorado. 

5. National Truck And Bus Driving School

Here is one of the best CDL driving schools in the area, with outstanding customer service and support.

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The National Truck Driving School provides courses for both beginners and experienced truck drivers. Through their driving techniques you’ll be able to develop the skills required to pass the CDL examination. 

Apart from that, you’ll be lectured on how to use your CDL to obtain a job in the truck driving industry.

Necessary driving techniques are taught to develop the skill level required to pass the Commercial Driver’s Licence examination in Colorado.

6. Careers World Wide CDL Driving School

Careers World Wide CDL Driving School are experts in helping new drivers obtain a CDL, through quality education. You’ll make a good driver and obtain your licenses with ease.

7. Sergio School of Trucking

Sergio School of Trucking offers flexible schedules, cheap fees, and with over 10 years of experience, they are set to help you learn to drive and achieve your CDL Class A or B license as fast as possible.

You can complete your training within 3-5 weeks with the lowest prices and the best service guaranteed to become an expert in transportation and truck driving. 

With Sergio School of Trucking you can get a CDL that would provide Job security, acquire high pay Jobs, opportunity to travel around the country and many more.

8. AIT Truck Driver Training

AIT Truck Driver Training focuses on helping students acquire their Class A, B, and C commercial driver’s licenses.

Students become professional commercial drivers for the transportation business in no time. Its CDL Training Programs take 4-8 weeks or fewer to complete.

9. America Truck Driving School

When it comes to obtaining a commercial drivers license in Colorado, then the America Truck Driving School is the best option for you. As a beginner, you can obtain a Class A/B CDL and gain access to the world of wealth.

10. AIMS Community College

This school offers training in 48 different certifications, the most popular of which being the Class A Commercial Driver’s License.

The cost of attending AIMS Community College ranges from $1,300 to $8,000, with a median cost of $5,000.

11. United Truck Driving School

The CDL programs at United Truck Driving School are comprehensive and educational, preparing you for the CDL test.

The Class A CDL training program costs $5,995 and includes weekly classes from 7-5 AM on Mondays, as well as  intense weekend classes. 

12. 5 Star CDL Academy

5 Star CDL Academy makes the best training possible and eventually helps you obtain your Commercial Class “A” driver’s license. It is located in legacy way grand junction, Colorado, United States.

Their services include Driving School, Adult lessons, private lessons, teen classes, bi-lingual, driver training, driving training, night & weekend classes, one on one training, truck driving, truck driving training and unlimited lessons & dmv testing.

13. Colorado Truck Driving Academy

This is one of the best CDL driving schools in Colorado to enroll In. Colorado Truck Driving Academy’s students receive  professional truck driving training and job support.

Colorado Truck Driving Academy educates students with professional lessons with safety instruction throughout the training programs.

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14. Roadmaster Drivers School

Its CDL Training Program equips students with the knowledge they need to start driving a truck professionally in a short period.

The truck driving school teachers support students’ preparation and make it possible to operate a truck correctly and safely and achieve your Class A CDL in Colorado.

15. Advanced Career Institute

Class A and Class B CDL training classes will be beneficial to all new truck drivers enrolling for the courses. These courses are taught in a conducive sector, enabling them to grasp truck driving skills.

As they proceed from classroom teaching to behind-the-wheel training to begin a career as an entry-level truck driver, students will swiftly master their driving skills.

16. Colorado Northwestern Community College

This university offers quality training on time. When you enroll for the programs, you can immediately begin working as a professional truck driver.

Their goal is to provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to pass the CDL exam and begin earning a living.

Furthermore, attending the Colorado Northwestern Community College will enhance your credibility as a truck driver and will look fantastic on your CV.

17. Careers World Wide CDL Driving School

Careers World Wide CDL Driving School is not expensive to enroll in. Everything is  set-up to make sure that you are well prepared to take the CDL test.

Even if you don’t have driving skill or experience, you can still join the school, get trained and get your CDL.

18. Colorado Transportation School, LLC

With just 3-4 weeks of full-time Class A CDL training, you’ll be on your way to a high-paying truck driving career.

Colorado Transportation School does not require any prior commercial driving experience. You’ll be road-ready with recommended skills and certification in just 3-4 weeks.

19. Delta-Montrose Technical College

I highly recommend this school because it renders great skill, curriculum and communication to its students.

Based on reviews being given about the school, you get exactly what you pay for and that is a good move by supporting the need for life changing career moves into the commercial driving industry.

20. Excel Driver Services

Quality driver safety classes have been provided by the Excel Driver Services throughout Colorado. After passing this class, you will be issued a Class A license for a 10x speed truck.


The high demand for commercial drivers in the United States, has resulted in the establishment of the best CDL truck driver school in Colorado. Statistics show that there is insufficient trained personnel to fill all vacancies, which is why colleges are constantly forming Schools in Colorado and most other states.

Many people believe that this job is not well paid; however, drivers involved in this activity begin to earn between $40,000 and $50,000 for the first year, including benefits. So, what are you still waiting for? Get a school from this list of 20 best CDL truck driving schools in Colorado and start making money today.

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