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Carpeesh Car Insurance Reviews Australia 2022: Is carpeesh car insurance good or Bad

Carpeesh Car Insurance reviews Australia

Carpeesh is one of the insurance companies that are fully Australian based, that is, you will always speak to someone from Australia when you’re truly in need. Many people believe they might be a bit expensive but they do their job perfectly.

According to customer reviews, They agreed to insure him for the agreed value of his car whereas other companies refused to get his car insured for what he wanted for the value of the car. Today in this article we’ll discuss the 2022 carpeesh car insurance reviews Australia and also other additional information that no one has ever told you about the company.

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Carpeesh is dedicated to making your roads safer by helping each driver become a better driver. Using everyday technology accessible to you, they can help you lower the cost of car insurance and contribute to making roads safer and better.

What is Carpeesh car insurance Company Australia all about?

Carpeesh is an Insurance company that was founded in 2020 and it provides personalized driving behavior analysis across multiple criteria to price car insurance premiums both ethically and fair.

Feedback is given to all drivers and good drivers are rewarded with lower premiums at renewal. Carpeesh is proudly Australian with its entire team of over 50 workers based in Australia.

It’s a liability Car Insurance company that focuses mostly on Australian car drivers and also provides analytics. Currently, it is located at 600 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne, Victoria in Australia.

2022 Carpeesh Car Insurance Reviews Australia Wiki
Date Founded2020
Specialized AreasCar Insurance, Australian Car Insurance, analytics
Carpeesh Insurance Employees SizeOver 30 employee
Last updated2022

Who Owns carpeesh auto insurance 

Carpeesh is not owned by any Bank or Insurer and they are not a product issuer or a credit provider. It is one of the only Australian insurance companies whose sole aim is to make every driver better and safer. 

Follow here to check the list of employees at carpeesh insurance in Australia. Now that we know what carpeesh is all about, let’s quickly go to the main reason for this article, the 2022 carpeesh car insurance reviews Australia for 2022.

2022 Carpeesh Car Insurance Reviews Australia

Carpeesh offers four comprehensive policies that are tailored to specific drivers. They have a policy designed for you if you’re a good driver, a young driver, or if you need your car for work or ridesharing and If you don’t drive to work, you might be able to get a lower-cost policy. 

They offer plans for four categories of drivers : The good driver, the Young driver, Workers, and Rideshare. Below are some informative explanations about the plans that they offer.

The Good Driver

Carpeesh has a car insurance solution for good drivers. Its product ‘app’ lets you prove your good driving skills to reduce your insurance costs and road accidents. Does this offer cover both the private and public driving sectors? 

For only Private use: This cover is for cars where all listed drivers are aged 26 or older who use their car for social or domestic purposes. This does not include travel between home and work. 

For Private and commuting use:This policy applies to vehicles in which all listed drivers are aged 26 or older and use their car for social or domestic purposes, as well as travel between work and home, or for limited business use of no more than four trips per month.

For young Drivers

Drivers that are in the age range of 25 or younger can take out this policy that comes with the same personal and limited professional use as the good driver option. This doesn’t include drivers that are over 26, because you won’t be eligible for this policy type.

Worker Drivers

If you use your car to perform a job or earn an income, whether full-time, part-time or casually, this worker plan will protect both your personal and professional use.


Carpeesh has a tailored insurance plan for you if you use your car to make extra money through rideshare work. Whether you’re transporting passengers for Uber, Ola, or other ridesharing or carpooling app services, you need to stay on the road to earning money.

So carpeesh included a Hire Car plan as a standard extra with your policy. As a result, while your car is being repaired after an accident, you’ll have 14 days of car rental to continue sharing the ride. Isn’t that a great deal to make?

Is Carpeesh car insurance a good company

Carpeesh is a great insurer to choose because it doesn’t use the No Claims Bonus system, which places drivers on a rating of 1-6 system and offers discounts accordingly. They have been in the system for 2 years and have recorded success and many great positive reviews.

According to many customer reviews, Carpeesh’s direct budget is awesome, so easy to deal with, and has rated the company to be the best in the industry for insurance in Australia.

According to ‘Fin’ in the product review, he has been using carpeesh for 2 years using the Young Driver policy plan and his annual costs have roughly halved. He stated that customer service is fantastic and he was taken care of.

In addition, I have found carpeesh excellent to deal with even when my car repairer asks for extra money because of a miss quote I had to pay with no augment. It is a great company to start with even if you are a beginner in the insurance field. 

Carpeesh insurance cares about safety for customers and also all other drivers on the road. They are very affordable and the insurance covers numerous issues and is very comprehensive to understand. 

What does a Carpeesh Policy Cover?

To get the most out of the 2022 Carpeesh Car Insurance Reviews Australia policy, let’s get to know what policies are being covered.

Some coverage limits and inclusions differ between the four Carpeesh policy variants, so read the product disclosure statement carefully (PDS). In general, each option will cover the following:

Towing plus emergency travel and accommodation Up to $100 per day
Removal of debris at the site of an incidentUp to $350
Repair or replacement of roof or bicycle racksUp to $250 
Cover for personal items damaged in a collisionUp to $250
Key replacementUp to $700
Hire a car after theft (the lesser of $750 in total or 14 days). Post-accident hire cars are covered for worker and rideshare policies and can be added optionally for young and good driver policies (up to $750 or 14 days)
New-for-old car replacement if yours is deemed a write-off and total less than two years old
No excess window glass repair. If a windscreen or window glass is damaged in an incident covered by your policy and can be repaired, rather than replaced, no excess applies.

Carpeesh Premium and Excess Guide 

The Premium and Excess Guide contains detailed information on how carpeesh calculates your premium, what excesses apply in which situations, and the reductions that can be obtained through good driving as measured by one’s DrivePoints rating.

What is Carpeesh Car Insurance Premium

The premium is the amount that you are charged to provide you with insurance cover for your car over time. Some factors are considered when calculating your premium and I’ll be explaining some of them. Although added applicable 

compulsory government charges to your premium are being added.

How are Carpeesh Premium Calculated in 2022

The calculation of the Carpeesh premium is based on certain criteria. When you seek a quote from carpeesh insurance, you would be asked some important questions, like some information about your claims and driving history, your car, and the claims and driving history of those who will drive your car.

You would also be asked if you’d like any optional benefits, the excess amount you would like applied, and how you would like 

to pay for your policy.

Once all required information has been gathered, some other pricing factors would be used to calculate your premium cost. And these factors include:

  • The car make, model, age, value, modifications, or accessories
  • The age of the youngest or least experienced driver.
  • Your DrivePoints
  • Optional Variable excess
  • Where your car is kept overnight
  • Car finance
  • Optional Variable excess
  • Car security

I have outlined all these factors below, which would give you further information and also the effect they have on the cost of your premiums.

Carpeesh car insurance reviews for Premium Cost
The age of the youngest or least experienced driver.The younger the driver and the less experience a driver has the higher the premium is likely to be.
The driving and claims history of all drivers who will use the car.If a the driver has a poor claims history this is also taken into consideration and can vary the premium payable.
The car make, model, age, and valueConsideration of the repair costs of a particular car type may vary the cost of your premium.
Car securityYou’ll get discounts on premiums if your car is protected by an alarm, immobilizer, or dashcam.
Optional Variable excessYou’ll be offered Optional Variable excesses to allow you to select a higher excess to reduce your premiums.
Your DrivePointsCarpeesh driver safety app samples your car’s usage and recognizes your driving style.
There’s a one-off $45 installation fee to cover the driver safety app service, and a $50 early cancellation fee.

How do I pay my Carpeesh premium?

You can choose either to pay by annual, monthly, or fortnightly instalments. If you pay your premium by instalment, your Policy Certificate will show the date and frequency of your instalments. At renewal, carpeesh will continue to collect your premium, including any revised renewal premium, from your provided debit or credit card, unless you asked them not to do so.

It is important to pay on the due date to ensure you are covered and avoid any delay should you need to make a claim. Payment gateway is either VISA or Mastercard credit or debit cards and electronic funds transfer via POLi. 

Carpeesh car insurance reviews on Excesses: what are Excesses?

An excess is an amount you pay towards the cost of each claim you make. In some circumstances, you may not need to pay an excess and in other circumstances, you may be required to pay more than one excess.

Some factors that determine the amount you pay for excesses include:

  • Standard charges for car incident that results in damage or loss
  • Optional Variable
  • Age
  • Inexperienced Driver
  • Non-listed Driver
  • Off-Road
  • Optional 
  • Windscreen benefit excesses
  • Carpeesh 
  • Driver safety app

To get full information about the Carpeesh Insurance Excess Guide, you can download it from this URL.

What excess should I choose?

Carpeesh offers optional variable excess ranging from $100 to $1,000 which you can add on top of your standard excess. This comes as an optional extra on the good driver, worker and rideshare policy variations.

How is Carpeesh car insurance rated?

Is it worth getting Carpeesh car insurance? Customers have rated Carpeesh car insurance based on its price, features, convenience, trust, and customer service. Some have found it helpful while others couldn’t figure out the real genius in them.

Carpeesh Car Insurance Reviews Australia 2022: Is carpeesh car insurance good or Bad

On mozo reviews, it scores 4% out of 5% for value for money, 4.9% out of 5% for policy coverage, customer service is rated 4 Stars out of 5 while it trust is rated 4 stars.

Does Carpeesh Car Insurance cover Business use?

Carpeesh auto insurance policies almost always exclude business use. That means you’re not covered if you get into an accident while driving unless you migrate to the “Worker Plan” . This worker plan will protect both your personal and professional use.

A personal auto policy would not cover you for accidents and lawsuits related to any business use of your vehicle, such as making deliveries or hauling equipment to a job site.  Only commercial auto insurance protects your business from the costs of accidents in your company-owned vehicles.

Here’s how to cancel carpeesh car Insurance

Carpeesh customers receive a 14-day cooling-off period, which allows you to cancel your car insurance policy with Carpeesh at no further expense. To cancel your policy with Carpeesh all you have to do is to contact the company via phone or email. Below is the company’s contact information.

Carpeesh Car Insurance Reviews Australia 2022: Is carpeesh car insurance good or Bad

What is the Carpeesh driver safety app?

Carpeesh driver safety app helps to provide access to update your policy details and allows you to report an accident at the scene. The app collects driving data, provides feedback and a rating called DrivePoints which is available for use on each plan your choose.

How does the Carpeesh driver safety app work?

How does the Carpeesh app work? This app is built to collect driving data and also monitors your driving patterns and behaviour to create a DrivePoints rating between 0.1 and 5. The information which are collected includes:

  • Your speed: How fast you drive relative to the statutory speed limits
  • Driving skills: How controlled your acceleration and braking is 
  • Health Status:Signs of driver fatigue and distraction
  • Driving Routine: What times of the day you normally drive

Conclusion On Australia Carpeesh Car Insurance reviews

Here are some frequently asked questions about Carpeesh rating that you need to understand.

Is carpeesh car insurance good

Yes carpeesh is one of the best auto insurance company in Australia, it creates room and chances for both private and business plans. Carpeesh is dedicated to making your roads safer by helping each driver become a better driver. Although not all people have been able to gain from the goodies they offers, as they were unable to meet their desires.

Does Carpeesh offer roadside assistance?

No, carpeesh does not offer a roadside assistance, their sole aim is to make road safer for everyone by providing secure and affordable insurance plan for all classes. To get help with any roadside assistance, you can contact the Service team which are available from Monday to Friday 8:30m to 6pm and on Saturday 8:30am to 12 pm (midday) AEST.

Who underwrites Carpeesh insurance?

RACQ Insurance: carpeesh is backed and underwritten by RACQ Insurance, which has been around since 1960 and has decades of experience in auto insurance.

Does Carpeesh cover hail damage?

Yes, your car insurance will cover the cost of repairs due to hail damage, as long as you have comprehensive coverage. But, if you don’t have comprehensive coverage, you will almost certainly be responsible for covering the costs on your own.

Carpeesh car insurance Australia reviews

Carpeesh is dedicated to making your roads safer by helping each driver become a better driver. Using everyday technology accessible to you, they can help you lower the cost of car insurance and contribute to making roads safer and better.

This is all we know about Carpeesh Car Insurance reviews for Australia, what else do you think needs to be covered or rewritten, If you found any, pls don’t hesitate to contact us or you can use the comments section below.

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