12 Best Loans For Debt Review Clients South Africa In 2022 Revealed
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12 Best loans for debt review clients South Africa in 2022 Revealed

How to get loans for debt review clients in 2022

Getting loans for debt review clients has been a major issue many individuals in South Africa have been undergoing. They often do not get approved each time they need a loan because of their bad credit report.

Are you under debt review clients and need a loan urgently in cape town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, and port Elizabeth in South Africa? Worry less as this piece will give you a clear guide to the best financial services platform to get loans while under debt review

This article would give you a great insight into all the best loans for debt review clients in South Africa that have repayment plans. This means that either you’re being blacklisted, under debt review, or have a low credit report score, you would still be eligible to apply for these loans.

But before then, let’s check for the meaning of debt review clients, and how they can get loans.

Meaning of loans for debts review clients In south Africa

Debt review is a program set by the National credit regulator (NCR) that enables you to make your debt repayment and cover all your basic living expenses, without struggling financially.

It is a legal method of getting free from your past loan debt. You can file for debt review if you are over-indebted and struggling to satisfy or pay your debt obligations. 

This process would disrupt your lenders from taking legal action against you if you’re unable to make payments on time.

One of the importance of being a debt review client is that you get financial protection and financial relief.  However, you’ll need to get a debt review councilor who would intercede for you by negotiating a restructured repayment plan with your creditors.

Can I get Loans as a debt review clients: here’s what you don’t know

The main point here is that you cannot get a loan while under debt review in South Africa. This is because no legally registered financial entity would want to grant you a loan as a debt review client in order not to go against the law of the NCR and of being found guilty of reckless lending.

Financial institutions will not grant loans to debt review clients in Johannesburg, Cape Town, or anywhere in South Africa. Although, if you’re under debt review and need a loan urgently you can still meet with some non-registered lenders in South Africa whose interest rates might be high.

Many lenders are willing to offer loans to people under debt review with long or short loan term payday loans, consolidation loans, home loans, and many more. 

These platforms offer online loans for debt review persons, with a payment repayment plan and debt management plan. Below are some ways to get guaranteed debt review clients’ loans in South Africa.

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Best loans for debt review clients South Africa no Collateral 2022 

There are several types of loans that a debt review client can apply for in 2022. I have categorized all loans that people under debt review can apply for and get approved into subcategories, this would allow you to know the kind of loan you would like to acquire.

1. home loans for debt review clients

Home loans are majorly acquired to buy a house, pay for rent or make as collateral. Home loans provide financing to help you purchase your dream home comfortably without stress.

But can you get a home loan for debt review clients in South Africa? The short answer here is No, unfortunately, you can’t because it would be illegal under the National Credit Act to support you with an additional amount while your debt is being reviewed. Before you can apply for more credit, you must pay off all of your current debt.

Although some different platforms or brands offer home loans for people who urgently need a loan in South Africa. These brands are not registered under the NCR and are eligible to grant you a home loan but with a high-interest rate. 

One of the disadvantages of this is that you won’t have enough money to repay your previous outstanding debt or enough cash to spend at the end of the month. Below is a list of home loans for people in debt review in South Africa.

i. FBN Home Loan

FBN provides tools and financial solutions to help you navigate the entire mortgage application process. Depending on how you decide to repay, they advise and offer clients ways to pay back their loans.

To apply for a home loan for a debt review client at FBN all you have to do is to visit its website, register, provide all necessary information then apply. Your loan would be approved after your details have been processed.

ii. Absa Home Loans

Absa is one of the best places to get loans for under-debt review clients. You could get up to 100% finance on your home with an Absa Home Loan. Anyone can apply for the loan and get approved instantly if your details are successfully accepted and verified.

They also offer free education on how to repay your loans so that you won’t have to collide with your existing loans.

iii. Hip housing loans

Hip housing is another place to get a loan while under debt review in South Africa in 2022. They offer affordable loans with moderate interest and repayable payment plans.

To apply for a loan, go to its website, sign up, submit your information or documents then click on apply now. Within some minute your loan would be granted.

iv. SA Home Loans

SA Home Loans has set up plans to help customers who are receiving “no pay.” You must submit supporting documentation through your debt counselor to take advantage of this offer.

A completed SA Home Loans Questionnaire, a form 17.3 from your debt review counselor, documentation of your income reduction, and a bank statement or letter from your employer are also required.

2. Consolidation loans for debt review clients

Another way to get a loan while under the watch of the NCR is to apply for a consolidation loan in South Africa. A consolidation loan helps you to pay off your existing loans to clear off your name from the Debt review clients list.

This loan doesn’t require collateral and it has a longer repayment plan ranging from 12-24+ months. Although this is not the best practice to clear off your debt review process. 

How a consolidation loan works is that you’ll have to sum up all your existing loans and then apply for a consolidation loan. If your loan is approved, you’ll use the money to pay your previous debt, then the new loan will then be paid down over time.

Below are some consolidation loans that people under debt review can successfully apply for and get approved and get funds transferred to your bank account. below are four consolidation loans for people who are under debt review and need a loan urgently to clear off their existing loan plans

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v. Blue Oak Systems

Every client can use Blue Oak Systems to review their previous debt and determine whether savings are possible in an impartial manner, in real-time, and without any paperwork or inquiries.

vi. Debt Rescue

Debt Rescue is a recognized leader in the debt counseling field, and they are frequently recognized by the media to comment and advise on financial matters in South Africa, as they take pride in providing the highest level of service.

vii. Debt Busters

Another reputable and fully accredited provider of consolidation loans that offers an easy application process is the Debt Buster. They aim to help clients repay all their loans within a short period.

viii. Consoli Debt Loans service

Consoli debt institutions are trustworthy and NCR accredited among South Africa’s various formal banks that also offer consolidation options. There’s no reason to be afraid of this brand.

3. Payday loans for debt review clients

Clients or persons undergoing debt review are not usually eligible for legal loan options from finance organizations but can consider a payday loan if they meet the eligibility requirements.

Payday loans are being repaid at the end of the month. Mostly these monthly payments are deducted automatically and the balance would be allocated to you.

Acquiring a payday loan while you’re still under debt counseling might affect your credit score as there won’t be enough cash to pay for your existing loans. 

Apart from that, payday loan lenders offer high-interest rate services for your loan. Meaning if you borrowed R500, you might pay R650  back with R150 as the interest rate. Most people who render this kind of loan are called loan sharks, they aim to maximize profit.

Although other loan lenders offer good options to clients under debt review, I have been able to list some of the best Payday online funding for debt review clients below. 

IX. Hoopla Loans

Hoopla Loans is a credit broker that has worked with some of South Africa’s most reputable personal lending institutions, including banks, credit unions, and the private sector.

They help you get a loan by using clever internet matching technologies. You can access various lenders in seconds with just one application on their website, increasing your chances of loan approval.

Even though hoopla is not a loan lending business they are still recognized as one of the best payday loans for debt review clients with no upfront fees in 2022, they’ll help you get someone ready to give you a payday loan. All you have to do is to choose your repayment plan, either 2 weeks or 4 weeks plan.

X. Express Finance

Express Finance offers loans to debt review clients right now today with less stress. Although express finance is tough to work with because their policy is strict and their repayment plan is hard to accomplish.

But they accept in minutes with a moderate interest rate, for example

If R2000 is borrowed for 20 days. Your Initiation fee:’ would be R265.00, your Service fee would be R40.00, your Interest rate would be R45.30  while VAT is R42.70, then the total to repay is R2393.00.

Xi. EasyPayday.co.za

With an Easypayday loan, you can get up to R2500 within 24 hours. You do not need to provide any collateral, the interest rate is moderate. The EasyPayday loan also offers emergency credit for debt review people, all you need to do is fill up the application form. You’ll get a call from them to process the application and once approved, the loan will be deposited into your bank account within the same day or by the next day

Xii Blink Finance

You can easily apply for blink Finance and get approved within the same day. All you have to do is to apply on their website, wait for the approval and your funds would be transferred into your bank account.

You don’t need to bring any collateral to get approved, because they offer paperless transactions. All procedures are done the same day and you can borrow up to R6000.

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5. Cash loans for debt review clients

Since you’re under debt review and need a loan urgently in South Africa, the best place to get a cash loan is from the bank and you can’t get a cash loan because you’re under debt review. 

Banks can’t afford to worsen your situation by lending you money in cash but during my research, I found out that the only means of acquiring cash loans as a debt review client is to collaborate with physical money lenders or stores in your geographical area.

There’s no online place where you can get a cash loan. 

How do I remove my name from the debt review

Are you tired of being blacklisted or being jailed under the list of debtors? There are many chances of getting rid of the tag on your name.

The most common and appropriate procedure is to work hard to pay off your debt in a shorter time. This would enable the credit bureau to remove your name from the debt review status. But if your name is still tagged under debt review after clearing your debt, meet with your debt review counselor and request a clearance certificate then submit it to the credit bureau. Then under 4 weeks, your name would be canceled and you’ll be able to get a loan from any financial services provider.

How long does a debt Review stay on your name in South Africa?

There’s no exact duration that a debt review status could be erased from your name, mostly the bureau would want to cross-check if you’ve learned a lesson during your debt review period. But to hasten the removal of your name, contact your counselor and get a clearance certificate to submit it to the credit bureau in South Africa.

Can you trade in your car while under debt review?

The fact that you want to trade in your car depends on two factors: (I) if the car is worth the loan, being acquired (II) if the loan bureau would accept your proposal. When you trade in your car to a dealership, its value is subtracted from the price of the new car.

Would the NCR allow you to trade your car? No, you can’t trade your car while under debt review. The NCR has restricted you from any transactions concerning money, so to achieve this, meet with your debt review counselor for guidance on what to do about it and to give you more details.

Debt review client’s loans in cape town

The short answer here is that you can not get a loan while under debt review in cape town, south Africa in 2022. The best practice is to pay off your existing loans and clear your name from the credit bureau agency.

To achieve this, you can either work harder or acquire a consolidation loan, then repay all old loans. 

Loans for clients under debt review in Johannesburg

Under debt review and need a loan urgently in Johannesburg? The main point here’s that To Get a loan, look for a consolidation loan provider and apply then after approval your loans would be credited to your bank account.

Although that’s not the best approach to paying your debt because you might still be stranded and get back to being blacklisted in the nearest future.

Loans for debt review clients in Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth

To get a loan for people under debt review in Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth, go to Gumtree and search for blacklisted loan services, you’ll be shown available ads, click on any one that suits you then apply.

Final Thought

This is all we know about the best loans for debt review clients in South Africa 2022. Do you have any other questions you would like to ask us? Make sure to use the comments section below or join our telegram channel or WhatsApp group below.

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