7 Cash On Delivery Courier Services in Nigeria 2022 that you don’t know

cash on delivery courier services in Nigeria

The rate at which buying and selling businesses are being set up today in Nigeria is surprising. Therefore, the need to deliver goods to buying customers too needs to be met, to increase the flow of a successful business and dominate the competitors.

To meet this goal, these goods need to be delivered to customers on time, in good condition, and also from safer hands. Small and large-scale businesses use bike delivery services or dispatch riders that either accept payment on delivery services to make their business outstanding with a high-quality delivery experience.

Hence, do you need a courier service that can handle cash on delivery for your business? Or a cheap delivery service in Lagos, Nigeria; that offers top-notch services such as speed, specialization, tracking, cheap prices, great user experience, and security.

Here in this article, we’ll discuss the top 7 cash on delivery courier services in Nigeria that offer both geographical, inter-state, or nationwide delivery services in 2022. But then, let’s take a deep look at what a courier service is meant to be.

What Is a Courier Delivery Service (Companies)?

A courier delivery service man

A courier is a company or a person whose main job is to deliver a message, packages, or goods from one person to another or place to place. In various cities or states such as Lagos, they are mainly called dispatch riders or bike delivery services. 

The fact that a courier company would be using a bike depends on the kind of goods that is being transferred. For delivery over greater distance networks, the use of trucks, railroads, and aircraft might be implied.

All the best payment on delivery services in Nigeria are recognized by features such as speed, security, tracking, signature, specialization, individualization of express services, and swift delivery times.

How does the courier service work? Delivery courier companies in Nigeria operate on a scale from nationwide delivery and also geographically within specific towns or cities.

How Much Do Courier Services Cost in Nigeria?

Different factors affect the cost at which a delivery company would charge you for their services. Some of the factors include the shipping route, transportation method, actual weight of the parcel, and the type of goods being delivered.

With the rate at which the economy of the nation increases, courier service would want to bill you according to your shipping route i.e the distance of delivery. 

Here’s why, fuel cost, congestion fees, and distance might slow down swift delivery times and to avoid all these, they’ll charge you higher. All these are the main factors that determine the rate of what you pay to courier companies.

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Most times, the type of goods being transported determines the cost of delivery. Packages containing fragile, valuable, or prohibited products must be handled with extreme caution, and as a result, the shipping cost for such things may be higher than ordinary delivery costs.

What is cash on delivery courier charges? Some top delivery companies in Lagos, Nigeria; that offer payment on delivery services (like AB Logistics & EMS Speed Post) charge about N4000 for a 2kg weight good only for within the country, and others may charge you for packages of 2 kg for about N3,000 within the country.

Now that we’ve known what a courier service means and how much they charge, let’s take a look at which courier company does cash on delivery services in Nigeria

Top 7 Best Cash on delivery courier services in Nigeria 2022

here’s list of payment on delivery courier services

1. Red Star e-Commerce Logistics Solution [Best of cash on delivery]

Red star e-commerce logistics is one of the best courier services providers that offer same-day delivery services in Nigeria with the point of sales machines. 

They offer advanced and experienced road, air, sea freight, and nationwide haulage item delivery within and outside Nigeria with the extensive reach of more than 99% of districts in Nigeria.

Red star e-commerce logistics makes it possible to move more of your items from one place to another in less time. 

This delivery company is leading the market, being one of the best cash on delivery courier services in Nigeria, with easy payment of direct payment facility or with POS machines using your debit card.

In addition, they offer an online shipping service with electronic signature, immediate receipt of proof of delivery,  and also enable high volume pick-ups at minimal time.

Red Star e-Commerce Logistics details

  • Website: https://redstarplc.com
  • Contact details: 070 0733 7827
  • Email: enquiries@redstarplc.com
  • Location: 70, International Airport Road, Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Service provides: Retrieval Service, Long Haul solutions, Drop-off, and Pickup services, Payment on delivery with debit cards, nationwide delivery services, Interstate delivery, bike delivery dispatch riders, and Prepaid Shipping 
  • Payments on Delivery: Yes
  • Estimated Delivery Cost: Not Fixed, all depending on the weight and distance of goods being shipped.

2. AB Logistics and Transportation [Best for International delivery services]

With AB courier service, you can send your items such as documents, merchandise, birthday or Christmas presents, gift baskets, etc, to any location of your choice from as low as N1,200.

AB courier company offers door-to-door shipping services across Nigeria, and also delivers international packages to all countries of the world.

This might not be your favorite cash on delivery courier services company, but they are one of the best in the delivery industry. If you make them your choice, you’ll save your money, and time and you don’t have to worry about item loss because with AB Logistics your packages are covered with Insurance benefits.

AB Logistics Details

  • Website: ablogistics.com.ng
  • Contact: +2347046145125

Email: info@ablogistics.com.ng

  • Location: 53 Muritala Muhammed Airport Way, Ikeja, Lagos
  • Service Providing: local shipping and delivery, International shipping and delivery, Haulage delivery, customs handling and clearance for your goods, packaging, and warehousing.
  • Payments on delivery: (Updated) does not offer delivery courier services in Nigeria again.
  • Estimated Delivery Cost: the delivery cost is N1500 for regional delivery of goods weighing 2kg and N3000 for interstate delivery services for the same weight.
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3. Kxpress Logistics [Best for nationwide delivery services]

Kxpress is one of the best delivery companies in 2022 that provides Cash on delivery courier services in Lagos, Abuja, and Portharcourt. If the goods are not paid for, they are returned to you. 

Being one of the safest and cheapest courier services in Nigeria, they provide very effective interstate or nationwide delivery services and manage your entire supply chain process for your E-commerce businesses within Nigeria.

Kxpress Logistics Details

  • Website: https://kxpress.ng
  • Contact: 0909 2996 010
  • Email: enquiries@kxpress.ng
  • Location: 76 Locations Nationwide (check website for information)
  • Service Providing: Collect payment on delivery in Lagos, Abuja, and Portharcourt, Return all shipments to the actual location for the shipper to pick up if unsuccessful, Nationwide delivery courier services.
  • Payments on delivery: Yes
  • Estimated Delivery Cost: Costs N2,500 for interstate delivery for items weighing 2kg and N1,200 for the same geographical area for the same weight.

4. MAX (Metro Africa Xpress)

MAX offers cash on delivery, Last-mile delivery, nationwide delivery, international delivery, same-day delivery, next-day delivery, and express delivery services. With MAX you can never run out of business and customers.

With a vision to revolutionize last-mile mobility for logistics and conveyance in Africa with safe handling, on-time delivery, smart delivery, best route option, and many more.

From as little as N65/km, you may transport your products to any place in Lagos, Nigeria, and with its haulage and air xpress service, you can send your items anywhere in Africa.

If you’re using it payment on delivery services, you’re expected to pay a fee of 1.5% for cash collections above N12,000 and N200 for collections below N12,000.

MAX logistics Details

  • Website: https://max.ng
  • Contact: +23470062936864
  • Email: info@maxdrive.ai
  • Location: 25b Bisola Durosinmi
  • Etti dr, Lekki Phase 1
  • Service Providing: bike delivery services (dispatch riders), nationwide delivery services, and international courier services.
  • Payments on delivery: Yes
  • Estimated Delivery Cost: minimum of N650 (N65/KM). Cost may vary.
  • Food delivery services: Yes

5. GIG Logistics [Best for cash on delivery services in Nigeria]

GIG Logistics offers cash on delivery courier services in Nigeria with a payment solution that ensures that you will be paid for your items when they are delivered. They ensure to collect money from the customer’s doorstep on your behalf and deposit it immediately into your bank account.

GIG takes the burden of logistics off you by providing guaranteed delivery, overseas shipping, and nationwide delivery services. With its last-mile and online delivery services, you can scale your E-commerce business high and also gain more buyers.

You simply have to worry about selling your products while GIG Logistics takes care of delivering them to your customers all over the world with efficiency.

GIG Logistics contact details

  • Website: https://giglogistics.com
  • Contact: (+234)813 985 1120
  • Email: info@giglogistics.com
  • Location: No 1 Sunday Ogunyade Street, Gbagada Expressway, Beside Eterna Fuel Station, Gbagada Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Service Providing: Domestic logistics, overseas shipping, corporate logistics, e-commerce logistics, wallet, and added service.
  • Payments on delivery: Yes
  • Estimated Delivery Cost: cost N1,700 for 1kg for interstate. The cost of delivery may vary.

6. African Courier Express (ACE) [Best for car delivery services in Nigeria]

ACE offers both cash on delivery and point-of-sale (PoS) payment options. Hence what? you can rest assured that each package is being paid for as delivery takes place. 

This company delivers packages of all shapes and sizes and also provides the most affordable charges rates with no minimum delivery price attached.

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You don’t have to stress yourself, as ACE drivers make shipping easier by picking up packages from your place of business or house and making delivery within the next 2 business days.

African courier Express details

  • Website: https://ace.ng
  • Contact: Not Disclosed
  • Email: info@ace.ng
  • Location: Victoria Island, Lagos – Nigeria
  • Service Providing: Nationwide delivery and Same and Next Day Delivery
  • Payments on delivery: Yes
  • Estimated Delivery Cost: Not Disclosed

7. GEx Logistics

For business owners, GEx provides end-to-end logistics and supply chain solutions. You’ll never run out of business with its pay-on-delivery option, which accepts either prepaid or debit card payments.

This company has built a reputation for offering consumers first-class, cost-effective, and efficient e-commerce delivery solutions. Offers International delivery, Same day city-wide deliveries, Nationwide Express Delivery, Cash on the delivery & Prepaid, Dedicated dispatch services, and many more.

GEx Logistics details

  • Website: https://gex.com.ng
  • Contact: 081 1442 8691
  • Email: info@gex.com.ng
  • Location: 64 Seriki-Aro Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos
  • Service Providing: Third-party verification, freight forwarding, e-commerce delivery, domestic courier solutions, corporate courier solutions.
  • Payments on delivery: Yes (POS payment system)
  • Estimated Delivery Cost: Nationwide express delivery costs ₦ 1000 for 2 Kg.

How To Send Courier Cash On Delivery in Nigeria

Knowing how to send a courier company cash on a delivery errand is one basic thing every entrepreneur must know. Although most courier services provide details and procedures to get this done as soon as possible gaining knowledge of how your items are being paid for is advisable.

Hence what? How can you send a courier company cash on delivery items? To do this, the main factor here is to understand how the company receives payment.

Most courier services accept payment on delivery from your customers through either Cash or a Point Of Sales (POS) service system. It all depends on what podium you want to be paid on, so before sending a courier company make sure you identify your means of payment.

Furthermore, you should understand that payment on delivery goods has a return rate of about 40%. Ensure to confirm the product your customers want before hiring a courier company for pick-up and drop-off.

Track your item when sending courier company cash on delivery.

Tracking your courier services too is essential. Always use a delivery company that would allow you to track the progress of your items being sent to speed up time and also make communication effective.

Summing it up [ Which is the best courier service in Nigeria]

Local couriers are more cost-effective for both small and large-scale businesses, the reason being that they charge lesser costs for faster delivery and can be more flexible depending on your demands because they work locally rather than nationally or globally. 

Your organization saves money by reducing the risk of missing or damaged items, in addition to the real cost of employing the service. So these top 7 best cash on delivery courier services in Nigeria that I have listed above are more effective and promising.

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