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So Touching! Annie Idibia Biography and Net Worth in 2022: Check out interesting details about her

Annie Idibia biography

Annie Idibia is a notable Nigerian actress and model also a wife to the popular Nigerian musician ‘2face Idibia’. She became popular for her roles in the movies titled Pleasure and Crime, Alakada Reloaded and Blackberry Babes. She started her acting career in 2009 and has since been featured in over 80 movies. Currently Annie Idibia net worth is estimated to be $1 – $5 million USD. 

In today’s article we’re going to discuss everything you need to know about Annie Idibia biography and net worth in 2022,her husband, children and much other information you’ve never heard before. Make sure you read every single detail and drop a comment.

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So now let’s get started by disclosing detailed information about Annie Idibia biography and how she became famous?

Who is Annie Idibia

Annie Idibia (Annie Macaulay Idibia) is a Nigerian, model, presenter, businesswoman and actress. She was nominated in the “Best Supporting Actress” category at the 2009 Best of Nollywood Awards. 

She has been a wife to 2baba since 2012 and has both been living happily ever since. On 29th of November 2018, she visited the Abule Eleru community in Ikorodu. Donating various poverty alleviation materials and start-up capital for a number of community based businesses owners in the name of her Non-governmental Organisation ‘Annie’s AI Care Foundation’. 

Now that you know who she is, read a brief information about Annie Idibia biography below.

Annie Idibia Biography and Early Life

Annie Idibia is from Eket in Akwa Ibom State. She was born on 13th of November,1984 in the city of Ibadan Nigeria and this means that she is currently 37 years old at the time of writing this article in 2022 and her zodiac sign is Scorpio. 

Who are Annie Idibia’s parents? Her mother was a housewife and cook, while her father worked at Mobil petrol station. Annie isn’t the only child of her parents, she had mentioned her brothers in one of her write ups. When she was just 10 years of age, her parents got a misunderstanding and filed for a divorce while they were still at ibadan. She then decided to relocate to Lagos with her mother after the divorce of her parents. 

Annie Idibia biography and net worth
Annie Idibia Biography Image

According to her narrative, the departure of her father affected her very much emotionally. She said her mother took care of them with so much pain and hardship. She described how heartbreaking it is when you live with your parents happily and suddenly, they part ways.

In addition, she described how  tough times were experienced when it was only her mother that was taking care of her school and taking care of her brother’s needs. But the story had been changed today because her mother never gave up on them.

Where is Annie Idibia from?

Annie Idibia state of origin: Annie Idibia is from Eket in Akwa Ibom State. Although she was born in Ibadan and grew up in Lagos where she completed her education. When she was just 15 years old, she lost her younger brother to tuberculosis because there was no money for treatment.

Educational background

Annie Idibia graduated from high school and moved further to earn a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Lagos and a master’s degree in Theatre Arts from Lagos State University respectively. 

But before these accomplishments she started working as soon as she got out of high school. She works as a salesgirl in a shop, as well as at two other spots just to make ends meet and also help her mother.

Annie Idibia Husband and Personal Life

There are many things to know about Annie Idibia’s current husband, Innocent Idibia (2Baba or 2Face), how she met him and every love story no one has ever told you about. Guess what, they met each other back in 1999, dated since 2002 and got married in 2012. What a long journey full of patience and understanding.

Innocent Idibia 2Baba and Annie Macaulay Idibia Relationship

Annie Macaulay Idibia is married to 2face Idibia and has two children. Her first child, Isabella Idibia, was born in December 2008 before their wedding, and her second, Olivia Idibia, was born on January 3rd, 2014.

How 2face met Annie Macaulay Idibia

In 1999, she met her husband, Innocent Idibia, also known as 2Baba. The couple started dating in 2002 and have been together on and off since then. The wedding of Annie Idibia and 2Baba took place in 2012 and they are currently blessed with children living happily together.

How Old Is Annie Idibia’s First Daughter

She got married in 2012 and before then, she gave birth to her first daughter in December 2008. Her first daughter’s name is Isabella Idibia and she is 14 years old. Apart from that she also has her second child Olivia Idibia, she was born on January 3rd, 2014 after their wedding.

Annie Idibia Net Worth 

How much is Annie Idibia Net Worth? Annie owns a beauty salon in Atlanta called “BeOlive Hair Studio” where she makes various hairstyles for some famous celebrities. Annie Macaulay Idibia has an estimated net worth of $1 – $5 USD,she makes most of her income from her acting career and also from modelling.

She’s been able to help the poor with her income by setting up a Non-governmental Organisation which is set aside to help business people especially the women by funding or supporting them.

Annie Idibia Net Worth 2022

In the past years, she’s been able to amass a total of $100,000 as an annual income and having an estimated net worth of $1 – $5 million USD in 2022 which makes her one of the richest and famous actresses in Nigeria.

Height, weight and body measurements

Annie Macaulay is a very beautiful woman with a modelling body shape. She has a height of 170cm and she weighs about 70kg with body measurements of 32-23-34. Her Eye Colour is Black while her hair Colour is also Black. 

Professional Career

Annie started Nollywood career in 2009 and she’s been active till date. She became famous when she starred in the movies ‘Pleasure and Crime’, and ‘Blackberry Babes’. In 2009, Annie was nominated as the best supporting Actress in the Nollywood awards.

She had also competed in the “Queen of All Nations Beauty Pageant” and placed runner-up, as well as making a cameo appearance in 2face Idibia’s “African Queen” music video.

Awards and Nominations

She was nominated in the 2009 Best of Nollywood Awards ceremony for best supporting actress and in 2016, she won the fast rising actress for african entertainment legend awards. In the past years she’s gotten some awards and Nominations which makes her very happy.

In 2022, she disclosed that she would star in a lead role in the debut season of an unscripted reality TV show, Young, Famous, and African. She would star alongside her husband 2Baba in the show and other artists like Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz, actor Khanyi Mbau, rapper Nadia Nakai, and many others.

Summing It Up

She’s been grateful about how successful she has become even without her father.

She expressed how successful she has been even without her father. How her mother and her used to live in a one bedroom ‘boys quarter’ with her three brothers; and watching colored television in the next door neighbour’s room because their mother couldn’t afford a coloured TV at that time. So touching!

This is all we know about Annie Idibia biography and net worth. Hope you get every detailed information useful. So kindly share and comment on this article and don’t forget to subscribe by hitting the bell below if you haven’t done so.

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