12 Best Agricultural Investment Platforms In Nigeria 2022
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12 Best Agricultural investment platforms in Nigeria 2022

best agriculture investment platforms in nigeria

Nigeria is blessed with fertile soil which aids the growth of plants or crops. These plants can bring fortune to a farmer that is well educated about agricultural investment and agro-business growth strategies.

But then, as an online guru, you would also want to partake in the agricultural sector by investing an actual amount of capital or funds in a professional and profitable farming scheme or company. 

Well, that is a good and great idea to come up with because this approach would help you make money from agriculture without going to the farm.

In Nigeria, there are several agricultural investment companies that provide a platform for investors. Some of these investing platforms were crowdfunded, i.e. A small or sizable group of people pooled their resources to support a new business idea that has now developed to the point where other investors can now participate.

This could also be referred to as online farm investment in Nigeria. By Investing in the Nigerian agricultural sector you can legitimately make money while you sleep.

Here in this guide, I’ll be showing you the 12 best agricultural investment platforms in Nigeria 2022, ways you can make money from these investment platforms, and how you can start as soon as possible. 

To get the most out of this article, it is advisable to read every paragraph with understanding and if you’ve got any questions, you can simply use the comments section.

But before we discuss further about the best investment platforms in Nigeria, let’s quickly take a look at what agricultural investment companies are all about in Nigeria 2022.

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Meaning of agricultural investment platforms in Nigeria 

Agricultural investment platforms are sectors where individuals could buy agricultural stocks or shares with the aim of making huge returns or profit in the nearest future.  

Agriculture at apex

I recently made a post about how you can buy facebook shares in nigeria

Agriculture investment is a relatively low-risk portfolio diversification strategy that provides profitable financial returns while also ensuring the economy’s access to food and empowerment.

What comes to your mind when you hear about investment platforms in nigeria? 

Scam or legit right!. Well nobody would want to lose his or her hard earned money to scammers but trust me investing your money on agriculture in Nigeria isn’t a bad idea at all. Most Agricultural investment companies are registered and would never get away with your money.

To enlighten you more, let’s see some of the benefits of investing in agriculture in Nigeria 2022.

What are the Benefits of agricultural investment in Nigeria

Below are three positive reasons why you need to invest in agriculture rather than crypto currencies.

1. Increased Economic Growth

The Nigerian economy was focused on agriculture during the early years of its independence , not until the arrival of the gold mine, crude oil. Agricultural practice made over 80% of its source of revenue contributing to its GDP. 

Agricultural investment in Nigeria over the years has seen an upward trend due to the relevance of the sector in the national economy.

2. Source of financial income

Given how quickly consumers are consuming agricultural products, producers could earn a lot of money. By selling farm produce, farmers are likely to make more money and this would also mean more profit on your stock or capital.

3. Job creation for youths and graduates

When there are more investors, companies would employ more workers to carry out some special duties and by this you’ll be indirectly creating job opportunities for the youth and also strengthening food security for the nation

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What are the best online farm investment platforms in Nigeria

There are numerous agricultural investment companies in Nigeria that connect you to farmers who are willing to use your money under the company’s close supervision in order to profit you as well.

However, not all will connect you to a third party. Some may use the money on their farm and after the end of sales make a dividend of your own profit based on the amount you invested, with every step being broken down to you.

Below are some of the best agricultural investment platforms in nigeria that you can trust;

  1. E-farms
  2. Farmcrowdy
  3. Agrorite
  4. Agro-park
  5. Pay farmer
  6. Farmbuddy
  7. Agrobint
  8. Farmcenta
  9. Ezfarming
  10. Farm4Me
  11. Farminvest
  12. epoultry

To give you a better understanding about how they work, I’ll make a review of all the agricultural investment platforms above but before then, let’s check if investing in agriculture is really worth it in 2022 and beyond.

Is agricultural investment in Nigeria worth it in 2022?

Yes, agricultural investment is really worth your money and time. This is because agricultural investment is operated on a lower risk and is relatively safe compared to the cryptocurrencies.

Some of these platforms offer an amazing ROI of 50 to 100% per year, depending on the amount you Invested and time or season of Investment.

Although, because farms differ, so do investment returns, you shouldn’t expect to see huge income returns if you invested in a spice plan versus a cocoa investment or something more complex.

Now let’s check some reviews about the investment platforms in Nigeria that are based on agriculture, how they work, are they profitable, and some other vital things to know.

Here’s all the Best Agricultural Investment Platforms in Nigeria 2022

To maximize the investment opportunities in agriculture, these platforms would be helpful to you. It is very important to do a deep research for any of your preferred agricultural companies by reading their terms and conditions or past reviews from friends.

But then, here is all you need to know about all the best agricultural investment companies that have been selected to be on this list.

1. E-farms – Covered with an Insurance plan

E-farms is a modernised digital agricultural platform that is set aside to tackle the problem of scarcity or unavailability of funds to sponsor agricultural business or products. With E-farm, there’s no room for loss because they are covered with an Insurance Policy.

E-farm is one of the best agricultural investment platforms in nigeria. Their aim is to invest in agriculture to increase food availability in the nation, help the economy, provide Jobs for the youths and also fight against the difficulty that occurs when trying to supply high quality farm produce.

They intend to accomplish this goal by leveraging pools of investment from investors who are passionate about the agricultural sector but lack the necessary skills and time to execute effectively; and making the same available to farmers, both active farmers and potential graduate farmers.

How to invest on E-farm and make money

To register on E-farm, go to its Websites to create a new account and select what plan you’re applying to; either as an investor or a corporate farmer.

You’ll be contacted upon account registration and activation. Anyone is eligible to register whether you’re in Nigeria or not. You don’t have to be a government worker or a self employed person, they accept all eligible people.

What’s the minimum investment and how much can I invest on E-farm

There’s no fixed minimum investment plan on E-farm. The amount you could invest depends on the farm because each of the farm projects has a different minimum investment amount. 

Each of its farm projects has a low cost structure, and you can invest as much as you want in the farm project of your choice. You can invest in two or more farms, whether they are the same or different farms projects.

2. Farmcrowdy – Best Online farm investment in Nigeria

Farmcrowdy is a global Agro-tech company that is focused on solving the inefficiencies in the supply of food across the globe. The business model leverages technology to connect stakeholders with easy access to aggregate farm produce, inputs, and processed food.

Is farmCrowdy legit and how does it work?

Yes, according to my own research, farmCrowdy is a legit agricultural investment platform in nigeria. They use a profit-sharing model, where it splits the post-harvest revenues among farm investors, farmers and itself, while retaining a 20% portion of those profits to itself.

Is FarmCrowdy the same as crowdyvest?

No, farmCrowdy is not the same as crowdyvest. Crowdyvest is a platform owned by the same group of companies as Farmcrowdy, an agri-tech company.

Farmcrowdy will  dominate the crowdfunding space completely, and Crowdyvest will be used as a closed-community savings model. Meaning that, farmers from Farmcrowdy could save on  crowdyvest and also earn high returns.

3. Agrorite agricultural company

Agrorite is another best agricultural investment platforms in Nigeria that uses technology driven insight to help farmers with high impact social investment and profitable markets. 

They also welcome investors who are ready to stack their fund on the company’s  stock features and gain dividend or shares at the end of each farming season.

How do you invest in Agrorite?

You must register on Agrorite’s website and select one of their available agricultural projects in order to invest in the company. Agrorite allows investors access to projects as they become available for finance, allowing them to participate in them per unit for a certain sum.

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4. Agro-park development company limited

Looking for agricultural investment platforms whose aim is to revolutionize agricultural practices in Nigeria and Africa at large?Then agro-park is here for you.

Although agro-park doesn’t welcome investment directly, they offer the opportunity to acquire from an exceptionally located portfolio of farm lands with a flexible payment plan.

You can therefore sell this land off or even rent to farmers and make money in Nigeria.

Is agro-park legit?

Agro-park has been in business for over 3 years now and hasn’t recorded any scam even though not everyone would like their service. That’s a matter of choice.

5. Pay farmer

Pay farmer provides investment opportunities in agriculture for everyone in Nigeria. With over 40 positive reviews on Google, you should consider them legit if not satisfying though, you’ll get a 14% of investment in every 4 months depending on the type of investment, but I think this is the minimum ROI. 

Payfarmer is a registered multipurpose cooperative investor. They focused on high income farming such as livestock farming, fish farming, crops plantation, poultry and Piggery.

Their insurance policy helps to keep your invest and farm safe Incase anything happens such as fire, theft and other damages.

Payfarmer boasts of being the best digital farm to invest in. With good ROI and regular updates about the progress of your investment.

How to register on Payfarmer

Payfarmer would help you make money from agriculture without going to the farm. All you have to do is to register on its platform, select a plan and then invest.

6. Farmbuddy Technology Limited

Farmbuddy is an agritech company that is based in Lagos Nigeria and also in the UK. It boasts of being one of the legit Agricultural investment platforms in Nigeria that has the best ROI.

In order to create high-quality, inexpensive farm products for an expanding population, they collaborate with seasoned farmers and agronomists and use contemporary farming tools, techniques, and skills.

They offer a wide range of investment opportunities in agriculture ranging from livestock to least vegetables. The minimum investment for cassava farming is N50,000 with a ROI of 25%.

There are other plans which you can try to check out too. Honestly I would rate farmbuddy as one of the best in the industry because of simplicity and openness.

7. Agrobint – Agro Investment Nigeria

Agrobint creates a legit way to invest in agriculture and make money without your presence being noticed. 

They create profitable and sustainable agri-businesses, end poverty and hunger and increase the standard of living of farmers in Nigeria. Investors are welcome to partake in their quest and achieve a common goal. 

Any investment you make with Agrobint will be put to use to create value, enhance livelihoods, and grow the local economy, all while earning you significant returns on your money. 

To invest, visit the official agrobint website, click on get started to register. Their physical location is at 4c Idowu Martins Street, Off Adeola Odeku St, Victoria Island 100211, Lagos.

8. Farmcenta [Finance]

Farmcenta is a platform that gives low-income farmers access to financing services and essential needs to improve their farming activities which in turn leads to increased output.

They teamed up with centavestng to fund farms and are also open to investors who are eager to make ends meet.

9. Ezfarming – Connects investors with Farmers

Ezfarming agricultural investment helps to connect commercial farmers with farm supporters and investors. Their return on investment is acceptable and they focus on commercial farming, involving youths that are strong enough to work and also creating job opportunities in such a manner.

A committed group of agricultural scientists, economists, technicians, and financiers with years of experience in the private sector and international development came together to birth the agricultural investment platform in Nigeria.

Their mission is to provide the best farm investment opportunities to help the skilled youths become empowered in their natural  capacity.

10. Farm4Me – Best agriculture investments in Nigeria

Apart from farmbuddy, Farm4me is another best agricultural investment platforms in Nigeria that you can lavish your money wisely on. Their simplicity and customer reviews had made this clear.

They offer the best ROI % under a specific duration of months in any planting season. They’ve been in the business for years now and haven’t recorded massive defaults.

Farm4Me won the award as Africa’s leading quality farm equipment sales and rental provider of the year 2021. To join the list of investors, go to its website,click on register new account to get started.

How legit is Farm4Me?

Farm4Me is 97% legit, they’ve been paying out to investors over the past years with lots of testimony from their customers. 

They are great for simplicity and additional obtain insurance from Leadway Assurance and endorsement from Sterling Bank; no instances of fraud have been reported.

11. epoultry – online farm investment platforms in nigeria

Epoultry is one of the best agricultural investment companies in Nigeria. They boast of being Nigeria’s first digital poultry investment platform with good ROI.

You can start your investment with funds as low as 50,000. Not low though!. To get started, Sign up to create an account on ePoultry website on the web or via their mobile app.

After sign up, look through farm packages to sponsor on the dashboard, then buy farm units and make payment online securely.

You can view progress on your dashboard or mobile app, then after maturity you’ll be able to receive your investments including profits.

Procedures to invest in any agricultural investment platforms in Nigeria

You’ve decided to put your money on a platform, but you’re not sure how to go about the registration process. Keep your cool while I demonstrate how to register online for any Nigerian agricultural investing sites. 

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There’s no doubt that many agricultural investment websites have different modes of registration and simplicity. But while I was doing research for the topic, all the websites I have listed here have  a clear registration page including a contact page, so joining the list of Nigerian investors won’t be a huge task.

Although there are other factors which are very necessary to look upon before registration, I’ll be labelling them below. 

To register for an agricultural investment, follow these steps

1. Make sure that your selection has insurance policy

Insurance helps your investment to remain safe Incase anything happens to the organization. Your funds would be allocated back to you.

2. Check for customers reviews

The review of its past customers really determines the efficiency of such an investment platform. If you don’t do this you might end up losing your money due to carelessness.

3. Check if they are registered

A registered business would be monitored by the government and would be very hard to get away with your money or investment. Even though such happens, they’ll still be traced and apprehended.

4. Invest the amount you can easy loss

Taking risk is good but taking proper risk is the gateway to a successful investment. Don’t stake the amount you can’t afford to lose, Incase anything happens. Natural disasters such as floods can wipe off farm produce and leave investors and owners in awe.

5. Read their policy before applying

Don’t be in a rush to invest on a certain platform which your friends have referred to you. Make sure you read their policy, reputation and other important notes that look boring.

The fact is there could be hidden facts or agreement in those texts. 

6. When making payments, remember to store your transactional files until payment is confirmed

There is no harm in storing transactional receipts. These receipts would be helpful in the near future, so it is advisable to keep them safe. If you’re finding nit too hard to keep them, you can store them digitally on Google drive 

What are the investment opportunities in agriculture?

There are numerous investment opportunities in agriculture in Nigeria today. You can decide not to buy a plot of land and rear livestock such as pigs, cows and more. The notable investment opportunities in agriculture is by raising both crops and animals commercially.

All these would in turn become a great asset for you in the nearest future to come.  

Which farming is more profitable in Nigeria?

Long-term income from livestock farming is high, but soil tilling is the most profitable because no day goes by without an average man purchasing or eating cassava flour (garri) or spices.

Little money turns up to become huge when all these products are being sold.

How much should I invest in agriculture in Nigeria?

There’s no fixed amount that one should invest in the agricultural sector. Because the agricultural sector is low risk, any investment would yield a good return. 

The minimum investment you can sponsor on agriculture is definitely the amount you can afford to lose. 

What is the best way to invest in farmland?

Honestly the best way to invest on farm land is to cultivate it or start a livestock farming, fish farming, poultry investment in such an area.

How can I make money from agriculture without going to the farm?

Joining a crowdfunded organization such as Farm4Me or others is the simplest way to make money from agriculture without actually farming. In this manner, you will be able to profit from your Return on Investment in due course.

Can you become a billionaire in agriculture?

The answer is Yes and also No. Here’s why! You can become a billionaire if you invest greatly on commercial farming by buying modern machinery.

A subsistence mode of agriculture might never make one become a billionaire. So to become a well respected farmer in any aspect , you’ll need proper agricultural education and skills.

Final Thought on investment platforms in nigeria

People have made it through farming, such as Olusegun Obasanjo, the former president of Nigeria who is now the richest farmer in Nigeria.

This was a guide on Agricultural investment platforms in Nigeria. Tell me what you think about the article, was there an investment platform that shouldn’t be mentioned?

You can share your opinion in the comments section below and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

Note this was just my own personal research, these agricultural investment companies had not paid me a dime to write about them. If you have any that suits your investment plan  please make sure to do your own analysis about the company. Thanks

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